The environmental impact of the artificial Christmas tree

The environmental impact of the artificial Christmas tree

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The Christmas holidays are approaching and like every year, the question "better aartificial Christmas treeor authentic?". The answer to this question is not that easy, there are many, too many factors to consider, starting with the origin and the materials of composition of theArtificial Christmas Tree,up to the duration of the life cycle.

A Canadian environmental consulting firm has published the results of a study conducted on the environmental impact ofartificial Christmas trees.The analysis used a model that considers the classic life cycle ofartificial Christmas trees"Made in China" and theChristmas trees"Real" products in the woods 300 km from the city center. For comparison, the Canadian study considered a six-year yield for theartificial Christmas treeand a duration of only one year for the "natural" one.

Despite the large difference in duration, the environmental balance is drastically in favor ofChristmas treeauthentic. Analysis by Canada’s environmental consultancy firm concluded that to match the environmental balance of aChristmas treetrue, thatartificialit should be used for at least 20 years!

Contrary to what many might believe, theChristmas treesnatural are the most sustainable choice. The production of aartificial Christmas treehas a harmful impact on the environment, the production process is energy-intensive and the same materials used are toxic (plastics, paints, PVC ...). Usually theartificial Christmas treesthat arrive on the shelves of Italian supermarkets, come from Asia or other non-European continents, this entails (in addition to the emissions related to the production chain) additional pollution linked to imports.

If you haven't chosen your next one yetChristmas tree, better boycott that artificial and focus on the classic Spruce: in this article you can find useful tips to extend the life of the spruce and if the geographical position allows, maybe plant it in the garden!

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