ILand Fly, the solar powered charger

No one leaves the house without a portable device: smartphones, tablets, cameras, mp3 players… are electronic accessories that accompany us throughout the day. If a portable device is very useful when charged, if the batteries are flat the accessory becomes a useless dead weight! To overcome this problem in commerce are foundsolar powered chargerable to disconnect us from electrical sockets and recharge devices even km away from the network.

Sure, if a portable device has a removable battery, you can buy one battery spare so as to double the operating autonomy: this often happens for cameras, every good photographer brings with him at least one extra battery. This strategy is completely useless when we have an iPhone or iPod with a unibody design in our pocket.

The market offers severalsolar powered charger, there is only to deal with the efficiency of charging, storage system and wallets! Solar powered gadgets are becoming more and more numerous and among the latest proposals we point out the solar charger"ILAND FLY" is flexible, resistant to water, shocks and dust and obviously portable.

Thephotovoltaic battery chargeriLand Fly can be folded and thus become pocket-sized, it is equipped with a unitphotovoltaic2.6W and integrates a 2100mAh battery pack.

iLand Fly is made in Switzerland and is sponsored assolar powered chargerable to recharge electrical devices even in low light conditions (labeled as "Shadow Tolerant", literally, "shade tolerant", that is, capable of operating even in the shade). In promotion, the iLand Fly is offered for around 80 euros, its standard price amounts to just over 120 euros.

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