The bicycle condominium

The bicycle condominium

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Boxes for cars are not provided. One of the characteristics of the Fahrradloft (the building under construction in Berlin which is expected to be completed in February 2014) is that it does not have spaces dedicated to garages. Consequence of the fact that those who have booked a home in bicycle condominium (this is the literal translation) he plans to not need a private car because he is satisfied with public transport and, if anything, he will use car-sharing.

On the other hand, the bicycle condominium it is equipped for gentle and clean mobility, starting precisely with the bike, with ample space on each floor for the garden and for the parking of two wheels, traditional or pedal assisted, as long as they travel with almost zero impact (therefore excluding motor bikes thermal).

Yes, but how do I take the bike at home? Here is one of the innovations: the bicycle condominium has a lift suitable for transporting both bikes and strollers and, in fact, a garden area where vehicles can be left as an alternative to the courtyard or entrance, where it is increasingly common for them to be stolen. Bike theft is a problem not only in Italy, where the FIAB even organized a conference to talk about the phenomenon, and the bicycle condominium has not neglected this aspect.

For the rest, the bicycle condominium it is a low environmental impact building that intends to remain so in the future. This is why the buyers have signed an agreement with which they are committed to respecting common rules in terms of respect for the environment. The price per square meter is low and attractive considering the standards of the area (the Lichtenberg district between Leopold Straβe and Lückstraβe) with conditions similar to those of the neighborhood houses very favorable for young couples.

The houses of the bicycle condominium they are ecological and comfortable. Another feature is that all apartments have two balconies, one facing the street and the other overlooking the internal garden. In short, a thought for everything, except for cars for which there will be no room inside. In Germany it can.

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