Save the World by playing: EcoGame Naturae

Save the World by playing: EcoGame Naturae

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How to solve the problems of our ecosystem? One reveals it to us game table! The games on ecology are highly instructive and are suitable for both teenagers and children. The market offers us games to play on the web and even more interactive team games. In this context comes "Eco Game Naturae " where participants can work together to save the world or compete to maximize the efficiency of each resource!

Thegamehas a noble purpose: to purify the planet and save it from environmental catastrophes caused by human works. Eco Game Naturae it can be played by a minimum of two participants up to a maximum of six competitors. To save the globe it will be necessary to implement at least 27 of the 30 reclamation works available.

If the purpose of the game is to save the world by scoring the highest score, behind a simple board there is a goal of social awareness: the dissemination of an ecological conscience!

A web platform has been associated with the paper board where each player will be able to access, participate in thematic discussions and benefit from a great variety of information on ecology.

Not just kids and players of any age: through the web platform, players will have the opportunity to interact with industry experts. The more active will be able to improve the playful aspect by organizing tournaments and creating a network of players thus increasing the complexity of the game and dynamics up to the creation of a dedicated application.

It is not agame on ecologyintended only for the education of the youngest: a test that involved an audience aged between 20 and 35 saw very positive results, mainly due to the possibility of comparing and socializing with other players through the web platform.

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