Used oil is an excellent fuel

Through the transformation ofexhausted oilit is possible to producefuelintended for the transport sector. For the production of fuelmainly theoilvegetable used for frying food. L'used vegetable oilintended for the production ofbiofuelscomes mainly from the catering sector and from the processing and refining by-products of the agro-food industry such as the case of oleins and acid oils.

There are several processes that can transform theexhausted oilinbiofuel, some processes are extremely efficient and environmentally friendly. The Italian companyDP Lubrificanti s.r.lprovides us with an excellent model of recovery of used oilsof plant nature, transformation, production and distribution of the newbiodiesel. The company collectsex frying oilsthroughout Italy and to maximize the production ofbiodiesel, instead of using "virgin matter" it mattersused oilsfrom France, Spain, Holland, England, Greece, Argentina and Tunisia. The Italian company has managed to create a realbusinessbased onrecyclingintelligent and careful production: the company annually processes 30 thousand tons ofused food oiland of this only half comes from Italy.

With the processing ofused vegetable oilyou getbiodieseliscrude glycerin. The plant of DP Lubricants, in addition to providing for the production ofbiodieselinitiates a process of "rectification "of glycerin so as to obtain a very pure product with a 99.5% title, color like water and perfect to be marketed in the cosmetics sector both in Italy and abroad.

Despite the great economic importance of used oil, about 200,000 tons of fried oil end up in the environment. As if every man, in Italy, dispersed approximately 5 liters of oil per year into the environment: the enormous source of dispersion in the environment ofused cooking oil is that resulting from the oil poured into sewage systems as domestic waste.

According to data from CONOE / Adriatica Oli srl, 57% ofused cooking oilit is produced in the home. In light of this data, it would be necessary to start a collection of used oil from domestic users. This operation is rather difficult to initiate as it would require the coordination and collaboration of regions, provinces and municipalities.

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