Natural dyes with blackberry buds

Natural dyes with blackberry buds

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The fabrics can be dyed with natural colors. These are mainly plant extracts also exploited by the large textile industry. When we talk aboutdye the fabricswe are referring to “pure” fabrics such as 100% cotton, silk or wool. It must be considered that if you use raw cotton or unfinished wool, therefore with a yellowish color, the results ofnatural colorsthey will be slightly different.

We have seen how to make onenatural dyeorange with henna powder, we have seen howdyeing fabricswith yarrow yellow and how to prepare a gray bath with horsetail. Today we will see howpaintgarments with colorstrawof the blackberry.

From blackberry sprouts can be obtainednatural dyesranging from very light yellow to gray and green. Fordye with naturethe fresh shoots that grow directly from the ground in April are particularly suitable. The shoots are easy to pick because they still have very little developed thorns.

To prepare a very light yellow bath forto colorof cotton, silk or 100 grams of wool, 300 grams of fresh blackberry sprouts must be chopped and boiled for 2 hours. The mixture will have torestfor a whole night!

The next morning, a mordant will be carried out by boiling the 100 grams of wool in the biting bath with 15 grams of alum over low heat for one hour. The wool must then be stored for two days in a damp cloth. Forcoloring the woolas soon as it has been etched, the color bath must be heated by boiling the wool twice. After each dyeing, the wool must be exposed to the air for two hours. After the lastair bath, rinse to remove wool residues.

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