Cultivating the cherry tree

Cultivating the cherry tree

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Have you ever thought of using a part of your green space as an orchard. Among the trees and shrubs that lend themselves to being cultivated without great difficulty we find the Cherry tree; it can reach 30 meters in height, it is very resistant to cold but fears excessive heat. In this period we can also provide for the planting of plants, available in nurseries. But let's see in detail how to grow cherry following some useful indications.

Cultivating the cherry tree, directions

  • When planting, prefer a fairly sunny area on fresh and well-drained medium-textured soil: it is preferable to mix the soil with a part of peat, sand and manure, working the soil well in depth already a few weeks before planting: the best time to practice the implantation of the Cherry tree runs from October to April
  • Regularly water the young specimens, taking care not to create harmful water stagnations; adult cherry trees will be satisfied with rainwater.
  • During the autumn period and at the end of winter, fertilize the plants with mature manure or slow release granular fertilizer with a good percentage of nitrogen.
  • Provide periodic pruning, relying on experts since it is a rather delicate operation: in the meantime, simply remove old or damaged branches, using a well-sharpened and disinfected blade.
  • If necessary, remove the suckers that grow at the base of the plant: they subtract precious energy from the fruits.

Cultivating the cherry tree, parasites
Fortunately the Cherry tree it does not require special treatments in the prevention of parasites and diseases.
The only major problem can be represented by the attack of the fly of the Cherry tree, an insect that lays its eggs in the fruits of the cherry tree to allow the larvae to feed on the substances contained in them. The damage is considerable, consists in the loss of the harvest, since the cherries attached are no longer edible: the cherry fly shows streaks on the wings and a yellow spot in the center of the body. Prevention consists in carrying out periodic weeding of the soil around the Cherry tree to bring to light the pupae that are wintering: without the protection of the soil, they are exposed to atmospheric agents and will die. Weeding should be done with a rake to move the soil around the cherry tree.

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