Pruning with the right tool

Pruning is synonymous with serious things and whether it is fruit trees or pruning hydrangeas, the right tool is essential to get a good one pruning. If you are not a professional, trust the rules of pruning for beginners but also get a good pair of shears.

In a pruning correct a branch or a branch, the cut must be clean and clean, if not, it must be finished with a knife. If it's not about pruning green (the one that is done in summer to thin out the branches) the wound must be covered with mastic (there is a specific one) to prevent the branch from freezing or rotting.

Since the pruning plus they also require a good deal of strength if the branches from prune they are not small in diameter, it can certainly be useful to have an electric tool that increases the strength of the hands. However, there is the problem of nutrition.

Excluding being able to perform a pruning with an electric tool powered by the network and equipped with wire, the ideal solution that we try to recommend (available online with free shipping in a few days) are thecordless garden shears

Returning to the rules of pruning for beginners, remember that in order not to compromise good fruiting the pruning it should be done on a waning moon in the period from autumn after the leaves fall to spring before the new shoots.

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