Moths, natural remedies

Moths, natural remedies

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Moths, remedies: how to get rid of moths from clothes, wool and wardrobes. From DIY pest control to the most effective remedies. What to do in case of food moths and wood borers.

Clothes moths and food moths

With the termmothwe refer to several species of winged insects, commonly defined moths. They all present themselves aslittle butterflieseven if they have very different characteristics.

Theclothes moths are of the Tineidae family while thefood mothbelongs to the Piralidea family and the most widespread species is Plodia interpunctella.

Thefood mothsthey can invade the cupboard, attack our foodstuffs: we find moth larvae in flour, pasta and wherever there are grasses or starches. Due to its characteristics thebanded motho Plodia interpunctella, is commonly known as a food moth orpasta moth. For all the information on how to eliminate food moths, we refer you to the in-depth study dedicated to flour moths.

In our food reserves we can come across another insect with an unpleasant appearance, it is not winged and does not look at all like themoths, this is the wheat weevil, Sitophilus granarius.

On this page we will focus onhow to get rid of closet moths.

Clothes moths

The clothes moths they are small butterflies that creep into wardrobes and ruin our clothes, unlike food moths that feed mainly on cereals,clothes mothsthey feed on the tissues.

Theclothes mothsinfest clothes, wardrobes, drawers, carpets, wool ... it is not the butterflies that feed on the fabrics but the larvae. Adult specimens, even if winged, do not have the strength to fly so we generally see them crawling on our clothes. The larvae, on the other hand, feed on fabric and prefer silk, wool, cashmere, angora and furs but ... in the absence of their favorite fabric they grind everything.

Feeding on the fibers, the moth larvaethey leave tiny holes on the fabrics.

THE natural remediesto defeat these damned insects are many: from cloves to camphor, all of them remedies undoubtedly effective but more for prevention than for remove the problem. Oh my God, it must also be said that many of us do not appreciate the persistent smell that cloves and camphor can leave on clothes, blankets and winter coats!

Betweenremediesnotnatural figure lanaphthalene, apart from that it appears to be harmful to humans and the environment, it is among the most effective products.

How to get rid of clothes moths

Aside from the products, there are some good practices we can adopt to get rid of moths.

  • Brush clothes and keep them clean, especially those you haven't worn for a long time. Some moths also feed on keratin, so make sure your clothes are always clean: dirty clothes get sweat, food, hair… they get infested more easily.
  • For the same reason, keep shelves, drawers and floors clean. Remove hair and lint.
  • Check item by item, make sure there are no moths hidden in the folds.

Ideally, you should empty the cabinet or drawer in question and carry out a capillary mechanical disinfestation.

Moths, natural remedies

After performing a careful disinfestationmechanics, you can take advantage of some natural remedies. Of all the natural remedies, the most effective is the essence of cedar. Let's see in detail what thenatural remediesbest foreliminate moths from closets.

Cinnamon is a very popular remedy for moths, can be considered a classic grandmother's remedy. For application, simply place several cinnamon sticks or small bags containing fresh cinnamon in the closet. Besides cinnamon, tar grandmother's remedies other spices such as bay leaves are mentioned.

Lavender is a decent one natural mothproof: for application it is sufficient to place the flowers in many small bags and then place them in the wardrobe. The same thing you can do with orange peels: instead of throwing them away, let them dry, put them in some small bags and then arrange them in the closet.

Other ingredients with moth-killing properties are chilli, cedar balls, mint and basil essence, tobacco, black peppercorns… among all, cedar seems to be the most effective.

Due to the effectiveness of cedar, many furniture manufacturers have used the wood of this plant to make moth-proof cabinets and drawers. To take advantage of the propertiesmothproofcedar, you can use the essential oil. After thoroughly cleaning cabinets and drawers, add a few drops of cedar essential oil to the fabrics and wood. For other properties and to find out where to buy this essence, I invite you to visit the pagecedar essential oil.

How to prevent the appearance of moths

As stated, natural remedies can be more effective in preventing than in eliminating these insects. In addition to the natural remedies listed above, it is good to follow some preventive precautions to prevent clothes and blankets from being damaged by moths:

  • At the time of the change of seasons, make sure that the clothes are perfectly clean and washed before putting them in the drawers and closets.
  • Before storing sweaters and coats in the winter wardrobe, place them inside the plastic bags with a zip, you can easily find them in home improvement stores.
  • Periodically clean and disinfect the cabinet with water, cedar essential oil and vinegar, do it at least 4 times a year.
  • Since the moths they hate the light, the air and the sun remember to periodically expose your clothes to the sun and air them.

ATTENTION: if you decide to mend a ruined garment by moths, you must first wash it thoroughly in order to eliminate any trace of any larvae.

Clothes moths, how to eliminate them permanently

If natural remedies are tight on you, you can use chemical insecticides but only after taking the necessary precautions. All anti-moth insecticides can be irritating to the skin, therefore, before wearing a garment exposed to the insecticide, it is always advisable to wash it or at least air it.

Among the manymothproofon the market, choose one duly registered, patented and labeled asSurgical medical deviceas they are more effective and screened by the ministry of health.

Among the various products on the market I point out theRaid Gel which has the features listed above.

These are strips to hang in the wardrobe or place in the drawers. This product is very effective but not healthy for humans or the environment so use it responsibly without exceeding! If you have a large closet, put two strips, otherwise limit yourself to only one ... generally similar products need at least 48 hours to start taking effect so if in the first two days you don't see tangible effects, don't add another one but wait!

As a precaution, avoid that the product can come into direct contact with your fabrics.

The mentioned product can be bought in the most well-stocked supermarkets or on Amazon, where it is available at a price of 9.81 euros and free shipping costs, contains 6 pieces and each piece lasts six months. For all information you can visit the dedicated Amazon page: Raid Gel Multipack.

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