How to make soap at home

Guides usuallydo-it-yourself that explainhow to make soap at homesuggest the use ofsodium hydroxide. In fact, caustic soda is not that difficult to find but whoever wantsprepare some soap in the house even moretraditionaland with even more natural ingredients, it arrived in the right post; today we will seehow to make soap barsstarting from these ingredients:

  • 2.5 liters of water
  • 500 grams of fireplace ash
  • 375 ml of olive oil
  • 25 grams of starch
  • a few drops of your favorite essences

The preparation is as simple as the availability of the ingredients. Let's seeasproceed toprepare soap barsin home:

  1. Put the water and the ash in a slow cooker. Mix well and cook the mixture for a couple of hours. When the timer has marked the end, the compound obtained will be therelye.
  2. Now the sieve phase will begin: place a white cloth over the opening of a bucket and pour the lye over it to separate the fluid from the ash impurities.
  3. Pour the oil into a large pot and bring it to a temperature of about 30 °.
  4. Halve the pure lye by separating it into two containers. In one of these containers add the starch while the other pour it into the pan containing the oil and stir for 10 minutes.
  5. At a later time, pour the remaining lye containing the starch into the pot and continue stirring. Add a few drops of perfume (essential oils).
  6. Let the mixture cool in special molds and let it rest for at least two weeks before use.

To make the soaps more interesting it is possible to enrich them with essences of essential oils, perfect is the one based on lavender but those who do not have essential oils at home can use a few drops of perfume: be careful to use real and undiluted essences as eu de toilette or cologne.

To make good homemade Marseille soap, read this article.

How to make soap at home with ready-to-use kits

There is no shortage of ready-to-use kits on the market formake soap at home. To get an idea, we recommend two products on the market.

This kit allows you to dohome scented soaps using vegetable glycerin and cosmetic perfumes. These are DIY soaps based on glycerin only so they will be semi-transparent.

For the preparation it will be necessary to melt the base in a water bath and then add the perfumes and perfumes. At the time of preparation, it is also possible to add the residues of used soap bars to the base. The kit includes 10 molds, cosmetic perfumes with pipettes, dyes and 450 grams of glycerin.

How to make homemade moisturizing soap

Starting from vegetable glycerin and lye or other natural soaps, it is possible to make moisturizing soap for skin care. It is not difficult to prepare emollient soap to moisturize and make the skin soft. Just use the right ingredients. I mark the basis for make soap at home from Niassance, it is a natural and ready-to-use product made from Castile soap and vegetable glycerin. Just dissolve the product in a bain-marie and then add essential oils, carrier oils, dried flowers or even better, other vegetable oils such as coconut oil or cocoa butter to give the finished soap moisturizing properties. Half a kg of ready-to-dissolve soap base is offered on Amazon at a price of 12.99 euros.

Video: Coconut Oil Soap Making (January 2022).