Toyota Auris Hybrid

Toyota Auris Hybrid

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There Toyota Auris hybrid it's the only one hybrid spacious which costs less than 30,000 euros. The opinions that you read on the industry forums are all positive and also the price it's not bad if you consider that the Toyota Prius, the same in terms of consumption, is smaller and more expensive than 7,200 euros!

There Toyota Auris hybrid takes you home with a price equal to 24,350 euros with a 1.8 HSD petrol engine, while equipped with the 2.0 turbodiesel the price increases slightly but remains the cheapest in the category.


Who buys one Toyota Auris hybrid can rely on the system of incentives proposed by the Japanese manufacturer: a discount of 4,000 euros guaranteed only short term, in other words, the car manufacturer is proposing it again from month to month - confirmed for this January 2014 but with uncertainties for the future -. So the the price of the Toyota Auris Hybrid it can start from 19,450 euros.

There Toyota Auris hybrid has collected a number of opinions positive especially thanks to the electrical part already tested for years: the engine, transmission and electrical components come from the more popular Toyota Prius. All the electrical components of the Toyota Auris hybrid they are covered by a 5 year guarantee.


There Toyota Auris hybrid it behaves like a perfect city car, the only warning is for drivers who prefer a sportier style: the car is not slow but acceleration is a bit late! The road tests show that the engine revs go up but not at the same pace as the speed, seeing the jump from zero to 100 km / h covered within 11.8 seconds for the small 136 horsepower petrol engine. Performance goes up (and fuel consumption too) if you choose a more performing engine.

Regarding the prices and the trim levels, the cheapest version is the Active Eco * from 24,350 euros which offers all-too-essential standard equipment: it has no rear electric window lift and cruise control. The Active + costs 25,000 euros and does not offer headlights and automatic wipers, does not have a dual zone climate but has 7 airbags, esp, fog lights, alloy wheels and rear view camera to facilitate maneuvering in traffic and parking. The richest set-up is the Lounge, the price is 26,300 euros and does not miss anything.


As also seen on the big sister Prius, the Toyota Auris hybrid has the braking energy recovery system: when you decelerate, the larger electric motor is dragged by the wheels and, by recharging the batteries with a voltage of 201.6 V, you recover the energy invested for the previous acceleration. The on-board batteries are nickel and metal hydrides, have a capacity of 6.5 Ah and are located under the rear sofa.

Those who prefer the panoramic roof will have to pay for it separately: the transparent roof is fixed and you pay 800 euros with a package that includes tinted rear windows. Parking sensors are almost a must: rear visibility is not the best!


* Standard equipment of the Active Eco set-up that we find as the "base" of the richer versions of Toyota Auris Hybrid:
- Toyota Touch multimedia system
- Automatic climate control
- Parking assistance monitor
- "Push Start" button
- E-CVT continuously variable gearbox
- 3 driving modes
- Fog lights with chrome frame
- Leather steering wheel with multifunction controls
- Maximum efficiency with 27.7 km / l

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