Car sharing in Milan, between prices and proposals

Car sharing in Milan, between prices and proposals

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TO Milan depopulated the car sharing with prices really tempting: the service offered with Car2go it is only the first, soon, the Milanese will be spoiled for choice. Let's get an overview of what the car sharing services active a Milan and what the citizens of the Italian capital of work should expect in the immediate future.

Let's start with the most popular service from car sharing in Milan. The car sharing Car2Go is paid according to consumption: 0.29 euro cents per minute. Petrol, parking, access to Area C are included in the price. To book the car and make payments, you will need to sign up for the service with a price entrance fee of 19 euros. Find out how the Car2Go service works. The Car2Go service sees the Mercedes car manufacturer as the protagonist with its Smart cars.

It is a service of car sharing activated in Milan in October 2013. With EqSharing the electric turning point is carried out: the protagonist vehicle is the Free Duck. THE prices according to consumption of car sharing EqSharing are more content than the most popular Car2Go. You pay 13 cents per minute for the car - against Car2go's 29 cents - as long as you keep it for journeys of at least 10 minutes (the minimum cost must be 1.30 euros). Activation costs go up: if you pay only € 19 one-off for Car2go at the time of registration, EqSharing asks for an annual subscription worth 30.

It is a service of carpooling known for some time from the city of Milan. Here there is not a single car protagonist: the user can choose between various models ranging from the extremely compact Smart ForTow to the Alfa Romeo Giulietta or the Volkswagen Touran. There is no shortage of commercial vehicles such as the Fiat Ducato or Doblò and electric or hybrid proposals is the case of the Peugeot iOn and Toyota Prius. Another difference: if the user cannot leave the Milanese perimeter with Car2Go, the ATM-GuidaMI service is active throughout the whole of Milan and the province. As well as the proposed possibilities, prices also increase: the service has a registration cost of € 120 per year, VAT included, and provides for a binary rate, which consists in the sum of the cost of the time of use and the kilometers traveled according to vehicle model chosen. The cost according to consumption of the Smart, Panda or iOn - after having signed the annual membership - is 2.20 euros per hour. In addition, if for EqSharing and Car2go the booking of the car is free, with ATM-GuidaMI you pay 0.50 euros.

The service of car-sharing Evai is active in Milan, Varese, Como, Linate, Malpensa and Pavia. The car-sharing of Trenord-Evai is all electric. The rate here is 5 euros per hour and the star car is an electric Citroen C-Zero.

DriveNow from BMW
Soon to Milan a new service will arrive car-sharing: BMW wants to start a Milan his service DriveNow, the service of car sharing already active in various cities around the globe (Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, San Francisco). Just like Car2Go of Mercedes, the BMW one involves the use of a smart card and a smartphone application with which to manage car reservations. BMW will begin in Milan with the diffusion of the Mini and perhaps, later on, other BMW electric models.

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