How to eliminate insects from the pantry, natural remedies

How to eliminate insects from the pantry, natural remedies

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It may happen that the pantry where we store food supplies is invaded by butterflies similar to small moths! In this regard, in this article we will show you how to get rid of insects from the pantry using natural remedies. These insects, better known as flour moths, prefer not only flour packs but also those of rice, pasta, biscuits, cereals and cocoa.
To understand their presence, it is sufficient to check if there are any filamentous formations similar to cobwebs between the different shelves of the pantry. Beware even moths can invade your pantry!

The most common species are Pyralis farinalis and Ephestia kuehniella, with the typical shape of a small nocturnal butterfly, but there are also other species commonly called food moths. They have a brown color while the wings are crossed by a transversal strip of light silver color. But let's see in detail how to get rid of insects from the pantry and some useful precautions to avoid their appearance.

How to get rid of insects from the pantry, useful precautions

  • Thoroughly clean all shelves and throw away open packages
  • Never mix old products with recently purchased ones
  • Clean the pantry with a solution prepared with water and vinegar
  • Carefully clean plastic containers before reuse.

How to get rid of insects from the pantry, natural remedies

  • Place a few bay leaves in the pantry: the smell is able to drive away the butterflies. The fresher and more fragrant they are, the greater their effectiveness.
  • Take an orange and stick a lot of cloves in it. Once this is done, place it in the pantry
  • Dip a handkerchief with lavender essential oil then place it between the shelves. Alternatively, you can also use the essential oil of mint, lemongrass or eucalyptus.
  • Prepare a mixture of corn flour and boric acid in the ratio of 1 to 3. Then place the mixture in small shallow containers in the pantry. Make sure that there is no direct contact of the substance with food, children and pets.

Traps based on pheromones

Betweenremedieswhich do not involve the use of harmful insecticides, we point out the possibility of decimating the populations offood mothsusing pheromone-based traps. Among the market proposals we point out the Celaflor pheromone traps proposed on Amazon at a price of € 10.63 with free shipping for those who buy two packs. These traps can be placed inside or outside the pantry, the important thing is to keep them away from drafts or light sources. It will be necessary to remove the protective film: lefood mothsattracted by pheromones, they will remain glued to the adhesive surface.

By following these simple natural remedies we will avoid the presence of these insects in the pantry and to throw away the infested food.

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