Biodegradable containers for seedbed

THEbiodegradable seedbed containersthey are simple peat pots that facilitate the planting of plants. It is aboutcontainersat 100%biodegradablebecause they are made with organic and 100% eco-compatible material.

They exist on the marketbiodegradable seedbed containersof all shapes and sizes. The most classic are small jars which, once filled with sowing soil, are perfect for sprouting a seed, waiting for the first growth times and planting: thanks tobiodegradable containers, planting does not endanger the root system. The plant must be performed with the whole jar which, being biodegradable, can be planted directly in the garden.

THEbiodegradable seedbed containersthey are very useful and not only for humans. On the one hand, they facilitate the planting operation (the plant can be done directly in the garden or in a larger container / pot) and on the other they protect the environment: the classic containers used to date are made of polystyrene , non biodegradable as they are derived from fossil fuels and more difficult to dispose of.

In this context, thebiodegradable seedbed containersJiffy Pot.They are peat pots, ideal for safe germination, clean and easy to use. All peat pots can be buried in the ground directly at the time of planting. The orthist will only have to fill the jar with soil and add water. At the time of transplanting, the jar must be buried with the entire plant and, depending on the size, it can be planted either in a larger container or directly in the garden. The peat pots allow the natural development of the seed until harvest, avoid the production of waste as they are 100% organic, biodegradable and eco-compatible. For aseedbedit is advisable to purchase single peat jars with a capacity of 100 ml.

How to organize ibiodegradable seedbed containers?

  • Purchase peat pots, a seedling tray, and soft soil
  • Fill the jars with peat (biodegradable)
  • Water abundantly until the sides of the jar are saturated
  • Plant the seeds according to the manufacturer's instructions (the sowing depth varies according to the variety to be grown)
  • Sprout the seed by gradually exposing the jar to full sunlight
  • For the transplant, plant everything, including the jar. Make sure the peat pot is completely covered with garden soil and water abundantly.

Where to buy ibiodegradable seedbed containers?
Online there are many e-commerce that offer them. Those who prefer direct sales can go to specialized centers such as Brico or Leroy Merlin.

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