Growing flower bulbs, practical advice

Growing flower bulbs, practical advice

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How to grow flower bulbs: the complete guide for growing bulbs in pots or in the garden. Periods and tips for having successive blooms.

It is always the right time forcultivate flower bulbs.

When to plant flower bulbs:period of planting

There are spring flower bulbs that must be planted between October and November. When to plant tulips, hyacinths or daffodils? Just in autumn, and then appreciate the blooms in spring.

When to plant lilies, gladioli or dahlias? These are summer bulbs and should be planted between March and April.

There is also no shortage of autumn and winter flowering bulbs. For all information on the periods of the beginning of cultivation, please refer to the page: flower bulbs.

Flowering period of the bulbs:like having blooms in succession

It is possible to organize onecultivation of bulbsable to offer you flowering that goes from mid-winter to late summer.

Of course, you can plant the suitable bulbs in different periods to always have some flowering bulbs ... but those who do not want to work too hard can carry out a single planting in the autumn period.

In autumn, you can plant early iris varieties, long-flowering hyacinths, tulips, daffodils and late-flowering anemones. In this way you will have vases and flower beds always full of flowers. Below, here are theflower bulbsto be planted in autumn:

  • Iris reticulata
    They bloom in winter, when the snow has not yet melted.
  • Scilla and muscari
    They bloom in late winter and early spring.
  • Hyacinth
    Their flowering is one of the longest. The flowers last several weeks.
  • Daffodils and tulips
    The succession can be chosen according to the variety, there are daffodils and late or early flowering tulips.
  • Anemones
    The anemones of the mild species are the last to bloom. Those who want showy blooms can choose coronary anemones.

Grow flower bulbs: the planting

After indicating the periods, let's move on to the planting of the flower bulb. We remind you that periods and methods are always indicated on the packaging of the bulb but for planting there is a very simple rule.

THE flower bulbs they should always be planted with the vegetative apex facing upwards, in other words, the pointed part of the bulb must be facing upwards. The depth must be equal to double or triple the height of the bulb from flower.

The "depth" factor is true for all flower bulbs except for cyclamen .; The tubers of cyclamen, more like potatoes, are circular and flattened, these must be planted on the surface and covered with only a 2 cm layer of soil.

Growing flower bulbs, useful tips

  • Most of flower bulbs they are perfect for dotting a turf with color.
  • To color flower beds and lawns, you will need grow flower bulbs in groups of 10-20 bulbs. This is especially true if it is intended grow flower bulbs of medium-small size (cyclamen, crocus, sternbergia lutea, colchici ...).
  • There cultivation of flower bulbs it can also be done in rock gardens or in pots.
  • Who wants grow flower bulbs for borders or to create flower beds, they must always be kept in the foreground and combined with perennial herbaceous plants such as Euphorbia polychroma and Asparagus tenufolius. Also excellent for ivy or periwinkle beds as the leaves of these varieties support the flowers bulbs.
  • Cyclamen can be planted in rock gardens while in bedding they should stay away from ground cover plants as they are very delicate: ground cover plants would overwhelm their vegetation.
  • Flower bulbs as colchici or sternbergia they are poisonous, better to keep them away from gardens frequented by children or small animals.

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