How to clean the chimney

How to clean the chimney: all the instructions for cleaning each component of the fireplace, from the cast iron bar to the refractory bricks, from the glass to the stone or steel flue.

Clean the chimney it does not require great skills, however a good dose of patience is required. There cleaning the chimneyit's important! Guaranteeing constant maintenance allows us to keep its operation and thermal efficiency intact.

Among the most important maintenance operations we find: the removal of ash, the cleaning the flue and cleaning of surfaces, including refractory bricks or any cast iron base.

In this regard I will reveal some tricks and remedies for clean the chimneyfrom soot, from burns and any tar residues, the most difficult to eliminate!

How to remove chimney ash

To remove the ash, just sprinkle a handful of salt on the wood that is burning. This will result in a reduction in the volume of soot as well as smoke, making it possible to clean the chimney more easily once it is turned off. A dustpan and a broom will be enough to remove the ash.

Chimney ash can be used to make compost for your land. If you don't need it, ask your acquaintances before throwing it away in order to avoid waste. Where to throw the ashes? The ash must be separated together with the organic waste.

How to clean theflue

To proceed with cleaning the flue, the chimney must be off and cold. For the procedure it will be necessary to have a special kit equipped with a long flexible rod, capable of reaching every part of the flue, whether it is in steel or in stone.

For cleaning the flue, on the market, there is no shortage of kits to be anchored to the drill: they take advantage of the rotary movement generated by the drill to clean the internal walls of the flue more efficiently.

In the photo above, on the left, the application for thecleaning a steel chimneyand to the right for the stone one. Among the kits of this kind, we point out one with a flexible rod that can be extended up to 10 meters, therefore also suitable for very long flues. This is the Smart Rotary cleaning kit, which can be bought on Amazon at a price of 87.20 euros. We have not had the opportunity to test it firsthand, so feel free to choose the kit that inspires you the most. Reading the specifications, it seems like a valid product, with very resistant bristles and adaptable to any type of flue ... however, do your evaluations before purchasing.

For all the info, I refer you to the official product page: Smart Rotary Kit.

How to clean the chimney: cleaning of surfaces, bricks, cast iron and glass flame screens

For cleaning it is necessary to evaluate the material, for this reason it is advisable to purchase a specific product for that type of material and to follow the instructions on the back of the package.

In principle, those who want to try the way of natural remedies for cleaning surfaces, can try with simple white vinegar. This remedy, however, is not effective in the case of refractory bricks now blackened by soot or encrusted glass.

In the presence of burns, soot and tar stains, ideally you should use a specific product. Also in this case we refer you to an Amazon product but, this time, we have had the opportunity to test it with excellent results. In particular, we have used it on refractory bricks soiled with soot and black residues left by materials such as the "devils". The detergent in question has a funny name, it is called "Fuliggi Stop", in reality it was created for cleaning the glass but we used it for something else ... You can buy it on Amazon at a price of 9.65 euros with shipping costs included. For all information, please refer to the Amazon page:Soot Stop.

Another product that we have had the opportunity to test is the one for thecleaning of burnt cast ironand badly reduced by combustion and fumes! It is a product that is very useful in the kitchen (it cleans steel, sink in fragranite and other ferrous alloys, including cast iron). It is a very effective biodegradable product that can be bought on Amazon at a price of 15.93 euros with free shipping costs. For every information: Frake Pasta Twister.

How to clean the chimney glass

In the case of fireplaces with glass firewall: over time the glass tends to become opaque due to soot. The previously reported product was tested by us on refractory bricks but, in reality, it was created for cleaning the glass of the chimney.

In addition, we would like to point out a grandmother's remedy: to clean the glass it would be enough to take a wet sponge and sprinkle it with cold ash and pass it on the glass. Rinse the sponge and use it again to clean the glass, then dry with a soft cloth. There's no harm in trying!

ATTENTION: to be carried out with the fireplace off and the glass cold.

How to clean the chimney, late winter cleaning

Eliminating all traces of ash from the chimney is a necessary operation, therefore if the cold season has come to an end and a fine cleaning is required. What does it consist of? In repeating all the maintenance procedures listed in this article and, in addition, add cleaning of the irons.

The fireplace irons must be cleaned at the end of the season by first rubbing with a soft bristle iron brush to remove any incostations and then make a pass of the same paste to clean the cast iron.

Video: Cleaning the chimney on our wood burning stove. (December 2021).