Soap scraps, recycling tips and ideas

Soap scraps, recycling tips and ideas

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Many do not know that we have many products at home that we can easily recycle; it is for example the case of leftover soap! Why throw them away? Sure, recycle leftover soap it is basically a prerogative of those who have patience, time and creativity but on the other hand you will get products that would otherwise have to be bought in supermarkets. It is not difficult at all, here is a list of products that we can obtain by recycling leftover bars of soap.

Leftover soap, new bar of soap
The simplest, fastest and most popular way to recycle leftover soap is to gather all the leftovers to create a new bar of soap: for preparation, simply moisten the smaller pieces and press them on the larger ones. If the leftovers are too small, they must be melted in a bain-marie then pour the mixture into small molds.
Green idea: we can also use recycled tetrapak containers as a mold

Leftover soap, spray cleaner
With the leftover soap we can also prepare a spray detergent for windows and floors: for the preparation it is sufficient to dissolve 100 grams of flakes in a liter of boiling water, add a tablespoon of lemon juice then mix and pour everything into the spray containers.

Leftover soap, liquid soap
Liquid soap can be obtained from leftover soap: excellent for washing hands and face, then to be placed on the bathroom sink. For the procedure, simply dissolve 100 grams of leftover soap in half a liter of boiling water then add 5 drops of an essential oil of your choice.

Leftover soap, other uses
The leftover soap allow a myriad of uses; for example we can fill the sponge glove we use for the shower with leftovers, so as to release foam every time we pass it on the skin: even better if it is the rough glove with exfoliating action
Another use is to reuse the pieces of soap to replace the chalk usually used in tailoring to trace the lines on the fabrics to be cut: the first wash the signs will disappear since it is soap.

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