Electric bikes, between prices and models

Electric bikes, between prices and models

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Second when emerged from the conference Bikenomics, will be the models of folding electric bikes to support the two-wheeled pedal market in the coming years. The sector of bicycle, thanks to folding electric bikes,it could recover and emerge from the crisis, which is excellent news for Italy given that we are the leading producer in Europe.

The electric bikes by Decathlon
From Decathlon a range of electric bikes signed BTwin. This is the B'ebike series where the most economy has a price of 715 euros, equipped with a steel frame, 26 ″ wheels and lithium batteries with autonomy up to 60 km. THE prices they pass to 815 euros for the varientalady and 1020 euros for the men's model with rear suspension. The price higher is that of the top of the range, the 9 B'ebike model takes home with 1,430 euros and has a suspension saddle and fork, 7-speed gearbox and 36V and 10 Ah battery capable of giving a range of 80 km .

The electric bikes by BMW
He takes home to the price of 2590 euros! The BMW electric bike entered the European market in a limited edition. In the near future, BMW is expected to launch one folding electric bike from the name iPedalec. The iPedalec fits easily in the trunk of a car. The production model will have an aluminum and carbon frame, 16 "wheels with disc brakes and 3-speed gearbox. The engine will be 250 W and autonomy should be between 25 and 40 km. Still no indiscretion on prices.

Smart electric bike
By now everyone knows theeBike Smart, on the market since the summer of 2012.

E-Cycle Folding Electric Bike
Much cheaper is the folding electric bike e-Cycle. It can be bought with a budget of between 400 and 600 euros.

Miele PX-20
At first glance, the folding electric bike Miele PX-20 Sport, it seems funny but if you look at the features you will notice a product that works: the price is 999 euros, the range reaches 70 km, the batteries are lithium 360 Wh and are recharged in about 4 hours. Disc brake, double shoulder aluminum rims, LED lights and 3 levels of pedal assistance. The gearbox has 7 speeds.

The electrical retrofit
$ 550 is enough to convert the bike we have in the garage into one electric bicycle. The price includes the purchase of the FlyKly Smart Wheel kit, a 26 "or 29" wheel that forms the rear wheel drive. At the center of the structure, which weighs a good 4 kg, is the engine, battery and management system. The system allows you to travel at a speed of 25 km / h with a range of 50 km.

Aspes, a historic Italian motorcycle manufacturer, makes itself felt on the market by offering various innovative vehicles, among which the electric bicycles of the EcoWheels line are very popular. The line includes two models of electric bicycles, the EcoSport in men's and women's versions. Let's see together the characteristics of the Aspes electric bicycles.

GABike more than a range of electric bicycles is a project proposed by the Coopworl Social Cooperative. The project plans to import electric bikes directly from the Chinese manufacturing factories, the idea is to cut all the costs of the various intermediaries and finance solidarity projects. The bikes that can be ordered are six and i prices fluctuate according to the models: city bikes cost from 900 to 962 euros with a range of 70 km, the price of mountain bikes fluctuates between 962 and 1,035 euros, the cheapest models are bought with 799 euros and have 45 km of assisted pedaling it's 20 ″ wheels.

Piaggio Wi-Bike

A jewel of technology and design: here is our Wi-Bike road test with photos, info and prices.