Organic foods, here's how to recognize them

If you are oriented to preferorganic food, especially to ensure your health wholesome food and free from potentially toxic substances, it is important to understandhow to recognize organic food discriminating them from classic shelf products.

Why prefer organic food?
To eat organic food it should mean providing the body with nutrients that are as natural as possible, therefore free of chemical and toxic substances; organic certification imposes strict production rules that an organic company must guarantee.

The so-called "Organic products“, By their nature, they do not contain residues of chemically synthesized pesticides, and, obviously, they are free of GMOs except in traces due, unfortunately, to accidental and technically unavoidable contamination.

In addition to the health benefits of the consumer we cannot overlook the benefits that aorganic productcontributes to the environment. L'biological agriculture aims to preserve the natural fertility of the soil by making the most of natural mechanisms and balances. L'biological agriculture strictly prohibits the use of artificial fertilizers, systemic pesticides and toxic herbicides and geodisinfestants of chemical synthesis.

As for theorganic farming, the animals they should live in the pasture but in Italy this condition is rarely possible. Methodically raised animals biological they can offer a far superior quality of meat and animal derivatives, just think of the difference in living conditions. Good living conditions can be guaranteed for livestock by severely limiting the density of the animals in the barn and consequently increasing the space for walking. Animals raised with organic method they are fed with valuable raw materials, obtained in turn from biological agriculture. Weaning times are longer than those imposed "against nature" in intensive farming. Veterinary interventions must give precedence to natural methods such as homeopathy and phytotherapy. The use of conventional drugs is allowed but only in cases of extreme necessity.

Animals raised without organic method can be fed with GMO feed which, as reported by various research on the subject, could be responsible for the onset of turmoral tissues then destined for human consumption.

How to recognize organic food
With respect to the recognizability of Organic products EC Reg. 834/07 has imposed the use of the common mark throughout Europe biological represented by a green flag showing a stylized leaf with the stars of the European Union.

The code of the control body and the actual origin (EU / non-EU) of the ingredients that constitute it must be indicated next to the European trademark. Only when the indication "Italy" appears all the ingredients of the product are 100 percent made in Italy.

In large shopping centers, the "Bio department ": attention, not all the foods contained on this shelf are biological. It is always advisable to check for the presence of the Bio brand.

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