Energy efficiency in the company

Energy efficiency is to better manage energy as underlined by FIRE, the Italian Federation for the Rational Use of Energy and a reference point for energy managers in Italy.

FIRE will be the opening speech to Energy Management Conference 2014 in Rome on March 6, the first stage of a project that will bring the Soiel International event to Milan on July 3 and to Padua in November. Sponsors also include ANIE Energia (a speech on the smart grid theme) and asoRinnovabili in light of the growing importance of RES in the energy scenario. Admission is free upon registration, at the bottom you will find the link.

Energy efficiency in the company. The Italian industrial sector has an estimated energy consumption of 366 thousand GWh / year, two thirds destined for thermal needs and one third for electricity.

The energy management of industrial buildings weighs just over 42 thousand GWh per year while the rest depends on industrial processes. An increase inenergy efficiency in the company it would have positive repercussions on the country system as well as on the financial statements of individual companies.

To do energy efficiency for FIRE it is not only a need dictated by the economic crisis, but also an opportunity to review industrial processes, upgrade real estate assets and recover resources through energy management.

Speaking of buildings, energy efficiency is to design intelligent and energy efficient buildings with integrated energy management. In the data center, one of the most energy-intensive in the company, the focus goes from site assessment to cold management, consumption measurement and monitoring. ENI's Green Data Center will be one of the cases analyzed.

Consumption measurement and monitoring are pillars ofenergy efficiency in the company. This underlines the key role of ICT in energy management and of integrated software and hardware systems that enable intelligent data management aimed at reducing costs.

And the ESCos? Also the fundamental role of Energy Service Companies in the field ofenergy efficiency is among the topics that will be addressed at the Energy Management Conference on March 6 in Rome. In particular, we talk about the incentive mechanism of white certificates in the planning of energy efficiency interventions in the industrial sector.

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