Ultrasound for biogas production at BioEnergy

Ultrasound for biogas production at BioEnergy

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An image of BioEnergy Italy 2013

There is also talk of ultrasound for the production of biogas during the fair BioEnergy Italy (5-7 March in Cremonafiere). This technology, considered the new frontier in technology in the biogas plants, it is particularly effective especially where the material to be shredded which feeds the digester is more difficult to treat. In Germany, plants for the production of biogas which were equipped with ultrasound technology produced 25% of biogas more.

Ultrasounds are mechanical sound waves that have been used for some time in medicine and in numerous industrial fields. Today's novelty lies in the new area dhe plants intended for biogas production. Biomass (i.e. the raw material of the production cycle of biogas) can be shredded, the substrates become more digestible, foreign substances are eliminated and the digester's biological acceleration process is more effective.

The result of using ultrasound for the production of Biogas is a higher yield of the biogas produced. This is possible because practically all biomass can be used and not just sludge. The ultrasounds break up and pump the material to be transformed into the digester biogas with an operation that not only does not affect the plant's activity, but also makes the biomass difficult to treat much more.

Another advantage of the technology a ultrasound for the production of biogas, which a BioEnergy Italy will be presented by the German Weber Entec GmbH, consists in the fact that it is very versatile. It can be mounted on existing systems, even if not brand new, and allows you to immediately check the difference between before and after. In Italy there are still very few application cases, especially because we are talking about something really new, but interest is growing and BioEnergy Italy it can be an opportunity to learn more.

For technology vendors, such as Weber Entec, the ultrasound for the production of biogas they announce themselves a very positive business. And for the users? Most production of biogas obtainable is estimated at 25%, regardless of the quality of the biomass and with advantages that are maximized in the case of 'difficult' biomass. This is compared to an investment that for a 1MW plant is around 110 thousand euros.

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