Do-it-yourself dishwasher tablets

Do-it-yourself dishwasher tablets

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To clean the cookware in dishwasher it is not necessary to resort to the classic detergents that we find on the market which, among other things, contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment. With a few natural ingredients easily available at home, we can prepare excellent and effective DIY dishwasher tablets ecological able to make your dishes shine like new. But let's see in detail what is needed and the instructions to do the DIY dishwasher tablets.

DIY dishwasher tablets, what you need
500 grams of baking soda
3 tablespoons of liquid vegetable Marseille soap
25 drops of lemon essential oil
Demineralized water q.s.
Silicone ice molds

Do-it-yourself dishwasher tablets, the procedure
Take a bowl and pour in the baking soda, the Marseille soap and the drops of essential oil
Mix all the ingredients well until everything is combined
To better mix the mixture, add demineralized water, without exaggerating: the mixture must not be too liquid, otherwise it will look like a liquid detergent!
With the help of a spoon, put the mixture into the molds and let it dry in the open air
When the DIY dishwasher tablets are solidified, you can take them out and store them in a jar.
Yours are ready DIY dishwasher tablets ready to be used

How about preparing a do-it-yourself rinse aid for the dishwasher? Very few ingredients are enough and the preparation takes very little time. Here is the recipe for making a triple function product:
rinse aid, descaler and descaler.
150 g of citric acid
One liter of distilled water
30 drops of lemon essential oil
Take a bowl and pour in the citric acid, the warm distilled water and the drops of essential oil, then mix all the ingredients well
Pour everything into a spray bottle
Your DIY dishwasher rinse aid is ready

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