Steam cooking, how it's done

Steam cooking, how it's done: all the strategies for steaming at home, from the microwave to the bamboo, from the classic steel pots to the steamer.

If you've always wanted to enjoy steamed rice at home, you've landed in the right post-o!

There steaming consists in cooking food without the use of a liquid suspension: food is cooked thanks to the heat transmitted by water vapor, thus minimizing the loss of minerals and vitamins. The flavors remain unchanged and all preparations can be lightened as no seasoning needs to be added. Let's see in detail how the steaming.

The tools we can use for the steaming They are different. In fact, there are baskets that can be used with the pressure cooker, bamboo shelves or electric steamers already divided into compartments that allow you to cook multiple dishes at the same time.

Steaming, how it's done

The food is placed on a surface with openings: underneath there is a pot in which water is placed, the quantity of which must not be less than 5-6 fingers, otherwise there is a risk of total evaporation during cooking, but it must not be too much, otherwise there is the danger of contact with food during boiling.

Food should only be added after the water has reached its boiling point, around 100 ° C.

It will then be necessary to close with the lid in order to create a circulation of air and steam that will lead to the cooking of the food: the temperature reached for the steaming food always remains below 100 ° C.

Steam cooking in a steel pot

On the market you can find baskets that hook directly to the inner edge of the pots you already have at home. Also on Amazon there are internal baskets of all sizes, the only advice is to buy steam cooking baskets that hook into the upper part of the pot and not those that go to support, from experience I can tell you that they are very uncomfortable to handle. (to be extracted without burning yourself) and also a little ineffective as the water, during boiling, can come into contact with food. A good basket can be bought with around 20 euros, even if there are models that cost half of a qualitatively lower invoice.

If you buy a pot with the special perforated container that allows thesteaming, you have to evaluate several factors, first of all, the quality of the steel. Here, too, prices range a lot, starting from 25 euros to exceed 70 euros for the most famous models.

From personal experience I can point out an excellent stainless steel steamer. This is the Tognana steamer, I start first with the disadvantages: it has a single compartment for steaming (many pots have two) and a diameter of 22 cm, therefore unsuitable for cooking for the whole family. I use this steamer to prepare various steamed dishes, for two or three people.

The aforementioned steamer is offered on Amazon at a price of 40.68 euros with free shipping. The steel is of excellent workmanship and the steamer well finished, it can be washed in the dishwasher and is suitable for cooking on an induction hob. For all information, I refer you to the official product page: Tognana Steam cooker set.

Steaming in bamboo basket

Theretraditional steam cookingborn with bamboo baskets. It goes without saying that, in addition to the flavor conditioned by contact with wood, steaming in bamboo baskets has a completely different charm. It manages to charm even the most difficult guests!

The bamboo basket must be placed directly on the pot. However, any bamboo basket has some disadvantages:

  • it should not be washed in the dishwasher
  • it should not be washed with detergents

Washing must be done by hand, the only detergents you can use are lemon and baking soda. The bamboo basket should be dried in the open air and stored only when it is completely dry, otherwise mold will appear.

The photo above shows the Kitchen Craft bamboo basket, it is two-tier / shelf and has a diameter of 20cm. It is possible to cook for 3 - 4 people.

Steam cooking, like in the microwave

The devices that allow steaming in the microwave consist of a plastic pot, a perforated basket and a lid. The size and shape are suitable for the microwave.

For all information, please refer to the guide: how to steam in the microwave.

Electric steamer

Not only pots for steaming. Those who want to experiment with this cooking method can rely on steam generators, dedicated appliances that allow perfect cooking programs.

Among the various models on the market I point out an excellent Philips HD product, an electric steamer is very easy to use. It is used similarly to a microwave oven: you select the type of food and the quantity, the device will set the cooking time appropriate to the case.

You can buy it on Amazon with 65 euros and free shipping costs. For all the info: Philips HD9190 / 30 steamer.

Which foods can be steamed

Vegetables are very suitable for steaming: from leafy vegetables such as endive and spinach, to more meaty vegetables such as carrots, courgettes, potatoes, cauliflower, mushrooms… Not just the vegetable kingdom, steam cooking is open to everything. Did you know that even bread can be steamed? Already!

Meat can also be steamed but care must be taken to avoid large and very fatty pieces as they require cooking at higher temperatures. They lend themselves well to steaming white meats such as chicken or turkey: just cut them into cubes or thin slices.

Fish is perfect for this cooking, as are shellfish. What about the classic steamed rice ?!

Steaming, tips

We can flavor the water underneath the food with aromatic herbs, spices or with vinegar, wine or lemon: the aromas will reach the food together with the steam which will cook and flavor them at the same time.

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