How to shade the terrace

What is better than an outdoor lunch on the terrace, to make the most of this home space, in this article we suggest how to shade the terrace, taking advantage of some very effective and economical solutions. If you want to achieve something technically flawless, it is better to study the Shadow Theories in technical drawing.

How to shade the terrace, curtains
The most commonly used solution to create shaded areas on the terrace is the use of curtains. They can fully satisfy our tents needs: they can be fixed, removable or removable and can open and fold according to the need of the moment.
How to shade the terrace, gazebo
The gazebo, generally made of wood, can create areas that can be used on any occasion, even when it rains. Before choosing the model, check the type of anchorage provided and if it is suitable for the place it is intended for. Since it is rather light, it is better to set it up in areas with little wind and, in any case, it is advisable to fix it to any flower boxes on the terrace . When making your choice, check that the cover is waterproof, fireproof, tear resistant.

How to shade the terrace, pergola
The pergola can also be used as a shading structure; it can also be anchored to the wall, to extend the living space, as in the case of the terrace. It is a valid alternative to the classic curtain because it allows you to shade using green, but acrylic canvas covers are also good. on the market you can find it in both wood and metal. It may interest you | How to build a pergola

How to shade the terrace, panels
The wooden panels, on which to arrange plants and vines, are very well suited as a cover for terraces. On the market there are different models, modular and compostable as desired: it is better to choose the model that integrates more with the surrounding environment
How to shade the terrace, tensile structures
The tensile structures can be used instead of the classic umbrellas. They must be firmly anchored to the ground; in the case of terraces, the solution involves anchoring to planters or stable and heavy elements. In the photo on the side, you can admire an example of a tensile structure.

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