Tricks to consume less diesel

What are thetricks to consume less dieseldriving? A liter of fuel costs approximately € 1.60 and saving diesel fuel with the car means reducing the running costs of the car by safeguarding wallets and money.

Tricks to consume less diesel, from car maintenance to driving style
Change the air filter regularly, check tire pressure at least every two months, travel without any load, use the air conditioning wisely, disassemble the luggage rack, change gear at the appropriate time ... these are precautions that can help ussave dieselin considerable quantities. All thetricks to consume less dieselconcerning maintenance and driving style (did you know that a high gear is more "sparing"Of a lower one?) Were listed in the article" How to save diesel ".

The ones we will see in this article are thetricks to consume less dieselusing devices and technologies developed to improve the efficiency of the diesel fueled heat engine.

Accessory Systems
Thedieselit is used to power the engine but also to support all those accessory systems (alternators, climate, power steering…), by modifying the energy distribution to the accessory systems, a lot of fuel can be saved. Anyone wishing to make these changes must be very careful not to compromise the safety of the vehicle.

On the market there are additive oils, special fuels or tablets to be dissolved in a full tank of diesel. Such compounds promise to improve fuel performance. Pay attention to the treatments for the fuel, some products may contain chlorine, Teflon or zinc which, on the one hand, improve fuel performance, on the other damage the engine.

It is a device that hooks up to the on-board control unit and communicates with the smartphone. Saves fuel by throwing some sort ofcompetition to determine who thedriver that pollutes less.

On the market there are devices similar to metal bars that boast of being able to align the molecules ofdiesel fuelto improve combustion. Among the various names on the market we point out Be-fuelsaver which would save 13.9% of fuel costs. Out of 100 euros spent, using this magnetic bar, 13.90 euros would be saved.

Start and Stop system
The system is incorporated in the latest generation cars. Start and stop technology automatically shuts down the internal combustion engine to reduce the time the engine runs and the car is stationary. This reduces fuel consumption. Implement a systemstar and stopaftermarket is by no means a simple undertaking considering that some systems (the air conditioner, the steering servo, the water pumps ...) are normally designed to work with the energy supplied by the engine (they are usually connected to the engine belt), such “accessory” systems should be redesigned to function even when the engine is off.

In Start and Stop cars, all accessory systems continue to work when the engine is off thanks to the addition of a very small electric powertrain.

In the photo the first car in the world to use Start & Stop technology, the Fiat Regata ES with Citymatic system, we are in 1983.

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