Car2go Rome registration, all you need

There car2go registration Romeit is easy to perform, costs 19 euros and will only take you away for a few moments. Below we will explain, step by step, how to perform theregistration at the service car2go Rome first by registering on the portal and then by checking it at one of the many points Car2goFrom Rome.

Car2go Rome registration,the steps

  1. Log in to the portal and click on "Become a Customer "
  2. Fill in the required fields starting by selecting the city in which you intend to use the servicecar2go:Rome. The data to be entered are simple: name, surname, date of birth, email address, credit card details….
  3. Choose a password to access the Car2go portal and a Pin code to make the rental.
    -Password: must have a length between 8 and 25 letters and must have at least one capital letter and numeric characters. For example "IdeeGreen87"
    -Pim: the personal identification code will be needed at the time of rental and must contain 4 numbers. For example "2014"
  4. Scroll the registration page to the end, accept the terms of the contract, enter the characters in the control image and click on "Forward".
  5. Check your email and confirm yourscar2go registration Rome.

Where to collect the card car2go Rome?
Aftercar2go registration Romeoccurred online as described above, it will be possible to collect themembercardat one of the pointscar2go Rome. Upon collection of the card, the data entered by means of theOnline registration, for this you will need to bring with you:
-driving license
- the credit card (or prepaid card) inserted during registration

Car2go Rome registrationisprepaid card
Many people wonder if it is possible to perform theregistration to car2gowith a prepaid card. The answer is yes. At the time of registration, the credit card (or prepaid card) will be verified through a temporary transition of 2 euros. ThereCar2go Rome registrationcosts 19 euros.

The credit card (or prepaid card) must be personal and not from third parties: the credit card details must match the data on the driving license entered at the time ofcar2go registration Rome.

After registration, you will be able to collect a special magnetic card that you will need to start the car. At the time of registration, a payment of 19 euros must be made. The registration fee is paid once and involves the release of the magnetic card. To start the engine, you will need to have your card recognized by the system and enter a secret four-digit pin.

Practical information on thecar2go Romeare available on our in-depth analysisHow car2go Rome works.

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