Wild strawberries: some preparations

The wild strawberries they are different from the strawberries we are used to seeing on supermarket counters, grown, manipulated and 'optimized' from the point of view of size for greater commercial yield. Even when the cultivated strawberries are organic, and very tasty, the wild strawberries remain another thing.

The point is to find good ones wild strawberries it is not enough to go to the shop (unless you have an excellent greengrocer), but you have to go and find them. And it must be season: from April in the plains to August looking for them up to 1500 meters in the mountains. You can also grow them in the garden or on the balcony, even if they won't taste like those from the woods.

To compensate for the effort of the collection (which, however, is usually fun) will be the fact that wild strawberries you can taste not only the fruits, but also the leaves and roots. With a small amount of leaves and roots you can also prepare an excellent wild strawberry toothpaste, just reduce them to powder and mix them with white chalk, equally powdered. It is an ancient recipe that strengthens the gums and does not damage the tooth enamel.

Since we have already said about desserts with strawberries (in these preparations the wild strawberries they can take the place of the 'normal' ones but the recipe does not change) here we are talking about other types of preparations, such as toothpaste or beauty milk.

For the beauty milk with wild strawberries collect the fresh juice of a handful of ripe fruits and mix it with a little milk, preferably goat's milk. Apply the solution on your face and leave it for several hours, even overnight. Then rinse with rose water. It is good that this beauty milk is prepared with wild strawberries picked ripe in the middle of the season, juicier and richer in active substances than those cultivated.

There wild strawberry, or wild strawberry, fravola, fravolaria or musky fravola, was already known in ancient times (fossilized seeds have also been found) and according to ancient texts it was appreciated by the Greek physician Theophrastus and the Latin poets Ovid and Virgil. Linnaeus, the Swedish botanist, wrote that he cured his gout by having a strawberry orgy.

It is known that the drawback of cultivated strawberries is that in certain particularly sensitive people they generate attacks of urticaria. Some argue that these reactions don't happen with wild strawberries, but personally I have not been able to verify it and honestly I do not know.

With the wild strawberries you can prepare an infusion (roots and leaves), tea (roots and leaves) and a decoction (roots and leaves) for external use. The fruits must be harvested completely ripe, for the roots you can equip yourself during walks taking care not to eradicate the whole plant. The wild strawberries, in addition to seeds, multiply through the stolons that start from the roots and leaving some of them the plant will soon regain vigor.

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