Organic honey, healthy properties

The honey, referred to as "food of the gods", it was already known to the ancients who made extensive use of it both for healing purposes and in cooking. The contains water, sugar, acids, proteins, mineral salts such as iron, calcium and phosphorus and vitamins. To underline the high concentration of fructose, a product that is 100% derived from nature and therefore without human intervention.

Another important note concerns the genuineness of the product! Bees are very sensitive to pollution; there has never been news of polluted honey: bees would die before being able to produce it. The important thing is that it is organic honey. Only packages containing at least 95% organic ingredients have the organic mark, non-organic packages can in any case show any organic ingredients.
For further information: The regulations governing the quality of organic honey.

Honey, healthy properties
Honey has many healthy properties; according to the nectar of the flowers with which it was produced, the benefits vary.
In general, it is effective against throat inflammation and has sedative effects against nervous excitement and insomnia.

  • Wildflower honey has detoxifying properties in favor of the liver
  • Chestnut one promotes blood circulation and purifies the urinary tract,
  • The sunflower one is effective against cholesterol
  • Juniper is effective against respiratory diseases
  • That of dandelion has a purifying action, especially on the kidneys.

According to a study conducted on saffron honey, it seems that this product has a high percentage of "nutraceuticals", molecules with a high antitumor activity.
Its assimilation does not require any effort since it is a food predigested by bees and even enriched with some of their enzymes that are very important for assimilation.

Honey and use in the kitchen
Honey is widely used in international gastronomy: among the classic combinations we find that with cheese since the latter is sugar-free, therefore it contrasts very well with honey which is composed of sugars.
For the combination it is advisable to combine a sweet honey with a spicy cheese, or a bitter honey with a poorly tasty cheese.

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