Koi carp, colorful Japanese fish

Koio Goi is the Japanese term for thecarpin general. TheKoi carp they are beautiful fish, with more than a hundred combinations of colors and designs, are bred in Japan, Israel, Singapore and South Africa and find space in the garden ponds of numerous Italian families.

TheKoi carpthey can be tamed and are considered lucky charms. There are at least 15 variants with over a hundred subtypes. In Italy, one or two-color varieties are more common, three-color varieties are more expensive.


Who wants to tame carpKoiin the artificial lake at home, he must know that these fish can reach fifty years of age and a length of over a meter. The size of the pond is decisive for the growth rate of theKoi carp: the bigger the pond, the faster the carp will grow.

Unfortunately, if the water quality of the artificial lake is not taken care of, it will be difficult to guarantee well-being toKoi. Another crucial aspect for the breeding ofKoiit is the diet that must vary from season to season.


Differences between Koi Carp and Goldfish
Goldfish are popular in China from a selective breeding of Prussian carp with color variations. The selection has gone so far that today the Prussian carp and the goldfish (carassius autatus) are considered different species. There is often confusion between certain types of goldfish and Koi carp as these two fish developed in parallel following the introduction of goldfish in Japan in the 16th century. The substantial differences between goldfish andKoiare, generally, in size: goldfish tend to be smaller than oneKoiand has a great variety of body shapes and different fins. On the contrary, theKoithey have the same shape but the colors and designs of the body vary. Many goldfish such as the common goldfish or the comet or shubunkin variety have koi-like body shapes and colorations to such an extent that they are hardly distinguishable from younger koi. The distinction is made by observing the mouthparts which in adult KOI specimens have prominent barbels that protrude on the lower edges.


Koi in the garden pond
TheKoi carpthey live well between 15-25 degrees centigrade but can withstand water even around 7-10 degrees. They badly tolerate water at a temperature below zero.

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