How the collection of used H&M clothes works

H&M used clothing collection: the used clothing recycling campaign entitles you to discount coupons on the purchase of brand new items.

We are in 2017 is H&M confirmed its collection and recycling campaign for used clothes.

Recycling of used H&M clothes

H&Mis among the global leaders offashion for the masses. The company, based in Sweden, debuted with a small women's fashion store in 1947 and has now grown into a global colossus with stores scattered across major cities in Europe, Asia and South America. But what do theused clothesWith the'H&M?

With the campaign with the slogan "Fashion does not deserve to end up in the waste " was born in 2013 and since then, H&Mcollects used clothes to give them a new life.

H&Mcollects used clothes and home textile products such as bedspreads, sheets, towels, tablecloths, curtains…used clothes collected by H&Mthey can be of any brand and in any state of wear, you can also give old Zara dresses, Ovs or any other brand, for H&M there is no difference ... every garment used has its value and must be rewarded.

How the collection worksused H&M clothes?

Since 2013, H & Mm annually starts the campaign to collect used clothes in exchange for shopping vouchers. What you need to do to get H&M discount coupons?

  • Take to storesH&M used clothes of any brand and in any state of wear, even socks with holes or stained t-shirts are fine! As an alternative to clothes it is possible to give home textile products such as old curtains and sheets.
  • Handing over a bag ofused clothes at H&Myou will be entitled to a discount coupon of 5 euros to invest on a minimum purchase of 40 euros, for a maximum of 2 shopping vouchers per day.

The methods described above are those envisaged for the collection of used H&M clothes from past years. Since February 2017, H&M has confirmed its campaign but this time has not specified the amount of the discount coupon given in exchange for used clothes. The only official statement from the fashion house is:

“Bring all the garments and textiles you no longer use to any H&M store, we'll do the rest. Make a gesture in favor of sustainability e you will be rewarded! Find out everything in the shop! "

A doubly ethical aspect: H&M is not only good for the environment but there is an additional ethical aspect, for every kg ofused clothescollected,H&Mdonates 0.02 euros to the local organization of the Charity Star project, Save the Children in the case of Italy.

The collection of used clotheswith the campaign "Fashion doesn't deserve to end up in the trash"Is not the only actionethicsofH&MJust last year, theH&Mrecycled 9.5 million PET bottles using recovered polyester for the production of clothes, theH&M is the world's largest consumer of organic cotton and over 15 percent of organic cotton used by H&M comes from sustainable sources.

Since 2013, H&M has collected over 40,000 tons of used clothing and still intends to do a lot with themcampaigns 2017and 2018 already planned for next year.

Despite his efforts, theH&Mis strongly criticized because it is the global leader of what is defined "disposable fashion ". Its garments have a very short life cycle and its users can make "the difference" by participating in the campaign collection of used clothes.

What does he doH&Mwithused clothes collected?

Based on the conditions of the garments collected, theused clothingwill take several paths:

  • Reuse
    If the garments are in good condition, they will be re-marketed as second-hand clothing.
  • Recovery
    If the garments are no longer usable, they will be used for the recovery of textile fibers.
  • Second life
    Some garments could be converted into cleaning products or used in the manufacture of other products such as absorbent or insulating materials for the automotive industry.
  • Power
    If none of the three above is possible, the clothes will be used for energy production.

How to recycle used clothes

There is not only H&M to recycle used clothes, ovs and zara have also launched similar campaigns, and you can also do your own thing with DIY recycling. Find out everything with the guidehow to recycle used clothes.

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