How to read the gas meter

How to read the gas meter

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To avoid the unjustified beating of the very high gas bills, it is necessary to check the real gas consumption by yourself. Many users just wait for the gas bill without knowing the actual consumption! If only the reading is done by the operator in charge, it is very likely that an alleged amount will be considered that is inflated too much, giving us a very high bill. In this regard we will illustrate you how to read the gas meter so as not to be unprepared when the bill arrives.

How to read the gas meter, technical indications
A reading of real consumption in cubic meters is made through a meter. The gas meter: it is usually located outside every home or condominium in conjunction with electricity and water meters, and is enclosed in a metal or concrete box with a box shape. From here the pipes that deliver gas to the house from the municipal network start and arrive.
The meter consists of a window with the consumption indicators: one red and one black. Outside there is the serial number and there are also other abbreviations of the technical characteristics of the device, such as: maximum, minimum flow rate, maximum pressure and volume.

How to read the gas meter, the procedure
The gas count is carried out in cubic meters: in the window, as we have already mentioned you can observe the black section and the red section: the numbers present in the black one are the most relevant, that is those that count the real and progressive consumption of gas; those of the red are not needed and therefore can be neglected because they only count a decimal part that does not affect your accurate verification.
The black section has 5 numbers inside: the reading is done by considering it as a simple number ranging from 0 to 99999, so for example if the numbering is 00123 the value will be 123 cubic meters ..
Useful information: check the pipes periodically to check their condition.

Auto reading of the gas meter
To avoid unpleasant surprises upon arrival of the gas bill, you can communicate the number shown on the meter to your manager. You can do this in two different ways: online or by calling the appropriate phone number that you can find on your bill. The bill also shows the date by which you must communicate the self-reading.

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