Cherries in syrup, all the info

Cherries in syrup, recipe for making them at home and info on the products on the market. Where to find the best cherries in syrup and how to make them at home.

The cherries they are delicious, from the moment of harvest, however, they should be consumed within a few days. To preserve the goodness of cherries throughout the year, we can try our hand at the preparation of jams, of cherries in syrup or "cherries in alcohol".

For the jams, we have already provided you with the recipe for cherry jam while on this page we will see the recipe of thecherries in syrup.

Cherries, properties

Cherries should never be missing from our diet; they are detoxifying and purifying, diuretic and laxative, excellent for fighting abdominal swelling due to constipation. Like any food or product, it is always good not to abuse it, especially when it comes to homemade cherries in syrup or shop at the supermarket which are particularly high in sugar.

Which is the cherry season

The cherries they are among the most difficult fruits to find out of season. In nature, the cherryit reaches maturity only from the end of April to July. In order to enjoy their goodness, we can to preserve cherries with self-made home preparations.

Let's see in detail how to make cherries in syrup. The only recommendation is to prefer organic cherries to be sure of having a healthy and genuine product.

How to make cherries in syrup

  • Cherries
  • sugar
  • water
  • Grappa or liqueur (optional)
  • Sterilized jars of the size you prefer

The quantities are indicated in the next paragraph. For the sterilization of the jars, read the guides:how to sterilize glass jars.

How to make homemade cherries in syrup

The syrup can be made in the density of your choice, light, medium or very thick. The density is determined by the amount of sugar dissolved in water.

1) If you prefer a light syrup:
cook for one minute, boiling 100 grams of sugar in 600 ml of water

2) If you prefer a medium syrup:
cook for a minute, bringing 175 grams of sugar to a boil in 600 ml of water

3) If you prefer a thick syrup:
cook for one minute, boiling 250 grams of sugar in 600 ml of water.

You can also add a glass of grappa to the syrup if you like a liqueur flavor.

After preparing the syrup ...

The cherries in syrup they can be made both with the stone and without: the stone gives the fruit a light almond aroma that enriches the preparation. We advise you to prepare thecherrieswith the stone, however if you intend to preparepitted cherries you need a pitter similar to the one used to pitted olives. You can buy a cherry stoner on Amazon or in specialty stores.

  1. After washing the cherries, put them on a cloth to dry them.
  2. After at least an hour, put them in sterilized jars and cover completely with the syrup.

Cherries in syrup, tips for a perfect recipe

  • The syrup is poured hot into the jars
  • The jars must be closed immediately
  • The jar should be given a slight shake and then placed upside down
  • Always label with the date of preparation.

These cherries can be kept for up to 12 months in a cool and dry place.

Cherries in syrup, where to buy them

Thecherries in syrupthey are easy to find in adultshypermarkets, if the quality of the cherries you find at the supermarket near your home should disappoint you, you can try other producers by taking advantage of the online purchase.

On Amazon there are many manufacturers of cherries in syrup who offer their pre-packaged jars. For all information on the proposals, please refer to the official Amazon page that you find at this address.

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