ADSL subscription: what to watch out for before signing

We have finally taken the big step: we changed ADSL operator and chose the one that best suited our needs to stipulate a new one ADSL subscription. Now all that's left to do is sign the contract and wait for activation.

But what do you need to be careful of before signing? To avoid nasty surprises when it is too late to go back, let's remember a few things.

Being a supply contract, the contract ADSL must consist of all the elements required by law, which deal in detail with every aspect of the service and must leave no doubt about the characteristics of thesubscription.

Perhaps the most important element, net of the obvious assessments on the reliability of the company and the convenience of offers Internet it is the minimum guaranteed band, that is the minimum speed threshold that the provider assures us.

The indication is mandatory, according to AgCom directives, but above all it is very useful to understand at what speed we can actually navigate. In fact, we must not forget that the maximum speed advertised in the ADSL offers is reachable from our connections. Especially if we are far from big cities and in the presence of natural obstacles (for example in the mountains or on the islands).

Another element of primary importance is that relating to any costs for terminating the contract ADSL, even if thanks to the Bersani decree, switching from one operator to another is now much easier than in the past.

In fact, one is no longer required to pay penalties, but there may still be costs related to the suspension of the service and it is good to be sure of their amount as soon as possible; for example, it is a rather common practice not to charge the activation fee for promotional purposes but, in the event of a cancellation before a set deadline (12 or 24 months, usually) "cancel" the promotion, requesting the unpaid money and thus imposing, in fact, a real penalty.

Finally, of course, it is always a good idea to check some services related to ours ADSL subscription do not have an expiration date (for example the option UltraFibra by Fastweb or Speed ​​Fiber of Vodafone) and that after a certain number of months they do not become paid (especially for optical fiber and usually the additional fee is around 5 euros per month).

However, remember that within the first fourteen days from the conclusion of the contact with ADSL subscription it is possible to exercise the cancellation thanks to the right to reconsider, at no additional cost.

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