How to clean the washing machine filter

In this guide we will show you how to clean the washing machine filter, following our step by step instructions. A malfunction of the washing machine is often attributable to a clogged filter: it can block before completing the cycle, do not spin or drain the water at the end of the wash! To make your washing machine more efficient or better to avoid nasty surprises, here's how to clean the washing machine filter.

How to clean the washing machine filter, the instructions
As we have already mentioned, with the passage of time, the washing machine filter could become clogged due to detergent, objects left in the pockets of clothes, applications that belong to the clothes. Therefore we have to clean it, here is the procedure:

  1. Place a basin next to the filter: it is used to collect the water that will come out once the filter is loosened
  2. Unplug the washing machine from the electrical outlet and turn off the water
  3. Locate in the washing machine where the filter is located: this is the small opening window that is usually found under the porthole. But if in doubt, you can consult the washing machine instructions
  4. Open the housing by turning the filter knob counterclockwise until it loosens slightly
  5. Let all the water out, collecting it in the basin
  6. Once this is done, unscrew the filter completely and remove it carefully
  7. Remove any traces of dirt or foreign bodies and rinse the filter under running water
  8. Put the filter back in its housing and screw it clockwise until it stops

Cleaning the filter in the washing machine must be performed periodically, at least every three months.

How to change the washing machine filter, useful information

  • To prevent the washing machine from breaking down, it is preferable to use the descaler regularly
  • To check that the filter has been placed correctly, throw half a liter of water into the washing machine drum and wait for it to be absorbed: if it does not come out of the filter, it means that the filter has been positioned well. If not, repeat the whole procedure and reinsert it
  • Prefer biological detergents to do laundry: they do not ensure greater longevity to the washing machine but do not pollute the environment.

How to clean the washing machine filter with ad hoc products

Therecleaning the washing machine filterwith specific products it is much simpler, in fact you will not have to disassemble anything but only perform a vacuum wash by loading a special chemical additive that dissolves the limescale and eliminates the residues of dirt accumulated in the filter and in the other components of the washing machine.

Among the products on the market, I recommend the use of the Clean & Care descaler and degreaser. The purchase package has 10 disposable sachets. On Amazon, this product is offered at a price of 16.50 euros with free shipping. It can be used with all washing machines (and also for cleaning the internal components of the dishwasher).

Useful link from Amazon: Clean & Care descaler and degreaser

Since Amazon has no product description, I'll do it ... I live in Salerno in an area where the water hardness is high, so I use it regularly!

Inside the package there are 10 sachets of 50 grams each and very simple instructions in Italian.

The product was created to remove limescale and "dissolve" dirt residues. It prevents the formation of unpleasant odors and improves the performance of the washing machine because by removing limescale from the heating element it reduces energy consumption and, by cleaning the filter, improves the detergent yield.

Attention before purchasing!

The same manufacturer offers a very similar detergent but it is not "descaler / descaler". The packaging is also very similar but to eliminate limescale and clean the washing machine filter you will need the descaler… both the washing machine and the dishwasher are shown on the descaler package, while on the cleaning detergent (which only eliminates unpleasant odors) only the washing machine is shown.

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