The first electric Harley Davidson with Project LiveWire

After seeing the electric bike inspired by the unmistakable Harley Davidson style, here comes a more concrete news: theHarley-Davidsonunveiled theProject LiveWire, first project ofelectric motorcyclelicense plateHarley Davidson!

It is a real shame not to be among those few and highly selected customers who will try theHarley Davidson electric motorcycle! The manufacturer has chosen a group of customers to test, drive and judge the performance of the new oneelectric motorcyclethrough participation in theProject LiveWire Experience, a project that started in New York these days.


ThereProject LiveWireit will not be for sale but will be developed and designed as a platform to collect the opinions and expectations of motorcyclists with respect to a futureHarley Davidson electric.

"America has always given its best when it comes to reinventing itself," said Matt Levatich, President and Chief Operating Officer of Harley-Davidson Motor Company, "And as for America, Harley-Davidson has reinvented itself several times in its history also thanks to the contribution of customers who have accompanied us at all times. Project LiveWire is another exciting moment in our history built with them. "

To try theHarley Davidson electricand participate in the test ride program with the Project LiveWire Experience, we will have to wait for next year: during the next months, the tour of theHarley Davidson electricit will focus on over 30 Harley Davidson dealerships in and around New York, starting with Royte 66. It will be in 2015 that the Project LiveWire Experience will leave the United States for Canada and Europe.


The premises are all there, theHarley Davidsonintends to bring a new traction car to the marketelectric. Here's how Levatich continues:
“In recent years we have expanded our offer to appeal to an ever wider audience, just as we have reinvented our approach to the development and production of new models. The result has been the recent launches of innovative products such as Project Rushmore, Street 750 and 500 and finally Project LiveWire. "

Project LiveWire it's the first oneHarley Davidson electric motorcycleand, according to what he claimsHans Richer, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Harley Davidson Motor Company, it's "like being in front of the first electric guitar", "an expression of individuality and iconic style"L'Harley Davidsonelectricseems to combine the brand's iconic style with useful technologies in the field of transport, the result is a vehicle full of grit and with the sound and feel ofHarley Davidson.


Electric Harley Davidson, a brand new sound

The sound of theHarley Davidson electricit has been compared to that of a fighter taking off from an aircraft carrier: the sound is vastly different to what we know, in fact it differs from that emitted by classic internal combustion motorcycles but is also clearly different from that produced by other electric motorcycles already on the market.

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