How to water plants on vacation

How to water plants on vacation:tips for making plants survive during the holidays when you are not at home. From gel to do-it-yourself automatic irrigation.

If you are away from home you can irrigate the plants thanks to an automatic system or to details gel tabletswhich release water gradually. There are many solutions, from do-it-yourself to products on the market. Here is an overview that may come in handy.

How to water the plants in case of absence

It is not necessary to spend large sums of money, those who have a timer with a drip irrigation system will only have to program them irrigationswhich will continue on a regular basis even during the holidays, in absence from home. Anyone who has no intention of buying a timer with a control unit can build a do-it-yourself irrigation system or rely on smart pots that integrate small reservoirs, gel tablets or other homemade methods. Let's analyze, one by one, the possibilities you have.

Jars with integrated water dispenser

During the holidays, houseplants can be irrigated using intelligent pots that release a certain amount of water if necessary.

Before leaving forholidays, the landlord will have to fill the tank in the second bottom of the vessel with water. This way you can enjoy yours summer holidays without any problem: according to the capacity of the double bottom and the needs of the plant, the tank will have to be refilled every two weeks, monthly or even quarterly.

Advantages of jars with integrated water dispenser:

  • The host can also add a few drops of liquid fertilizer to the distilled water.
  • The holiday can last from two weeks up to three months!
  • The vases have an attractive design, you will be happy to show them off on the terrace or balcony.
  • The vases are durable over time.


  • The price of the vases
  • The need to do a repotting

If you have already planned your holidays, a last minute repotting is not ideal. I remind you that the best time to repot falls in spring or autumn. So maybe the vase with tank can be a good idea but only for the next absence from home.

Among the disadvantages we mentioned the price because a 28 cm vase with integrated tank and dispenser can be bought on Amazon at a price of 29.95 euros and shipping costs included in the price. The vase we have taken as an example is a “Lechuza” model, this company produces them in different colors (both with matt and glossy finish) and different sizes, but as stated, the high cost can be daunting. We recommended these pots because they are made of weatherproof material. A smaller vase, with a diameter of 14 cm but with a lacquered finish, can be bought at a price of 19.65 euros and free shipping

For all information on the products mentioned, please refer to the official Amazon pages:

  • Lechuza Premium (14 cm lacquered pot with integrated tank and dispenser)
  • Lecuza Classic (28 cm opaque pot with integrated tank and dispenser)

How to water plants on vacation with the bottle

Among the do-it-yourself methods there is the possibility ofwater the plants with a plastic bottle. It is a do-it-yourself irrigation system at no cost and very simple to make. To build it you just need several empty plastic bottles and an awl.

Abottlecan be a good systemautomatic watering do it yourselfto be used for short-term absences from home (4 - 6 days).

How to build an automatic sprinkler with the plastic bottle?
Simply pierce the plastic cap of the bottle with a needle and remove the bottom. Then you will have to sink the bottle into the soil of the vase and sink the neck for a few centimeters deep. At this point you can fill the bottle with water from the bottom (which you have cut away previously), the water will slowly come out of the small hole made in the cap.


  • Also in this case it is possible to add a few drops of liquid fertilizer.
  • It is at no cost!
  • The duration depends on the size of the bottle


  • Before leaving on vacation, you need to do some tests to understand the actual duration of your system.
  • The jar should be large enough to accommodate the neck of the bottle.
  • Small bottles of just 500ml may be suitable for smaller jars but will have a shorter shelf life.

Gel capsules or tablets

In nurseries, at gardence centers or on Amazon, they sell special gel spheres that gradually release the water. They are sold in sachets and are cheap. The methods of use vary according to the manufacturer and also the duration.

Not just tablets and capsules, if you are planning long holidayswith a very high absence from home, you can use bottles of hydrogel: a bottle of 300 ml of product lasts at least 20 days. This bottle must be uncorked and sunk superficially in the ground, near the plants, it is a system that gradually releases the water absorbed into the substrate.

Why is 300ml enough for 20 days?
Indeed it is a legitimate question to ask, given that a 2-liter bottle with thedo it yourself wateringseen before, it lasts only 4 - 6 days ... The reason is simple, this gel is not subject to the evaporation that usually occurs with irrigation. In addition, the timing is marked by the needs of the soil and not left to chance.

As stated, you can buy a bottle of about 300 ml in nurseries, garden centers or using the Amazon purchase; the cost? On the web, a 330 ml bottle, able to support the irrigation of the plants for 20 - 30 days, can be bought at the price of 6.55 euros. For all information, I refer you to "this Amazon page".

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