Lighter electric bike for effortless pedaling

Alighter electric bicycleit could make us sweat less even when the batteries are on the ground. The advantage of eachelectric bicycleit is in the assisted pedaling, this helps us to face any climb with our heads held high, even the steepest; abike“Pedelecs” require additional components such as batteries and motor, units that make the weight of oneelectric bicyclefar superior to what was seen with thebicyclestraditional.

Electric bicycle what the law tells us
Thereelectric bicycleit is a two-wheeled vehicle, considered without a traditional engine and therefore exempt from road tax and insurance. To drive on the road without problems, oneelectric bicyclemust meet the standards imposed byMinistry of Infrastructure and Transport therefore it must:
- be equipped with an electric auxiliary motor with a maximum continuous rated power of 0.25 kW
- with power supply cut off automatically when the maximum speed of 25 km / h is reached

Lighter electric bike, battery
Who points to onelighter electric bikewill have to choose onepedalecwith lithium-ion batteries (lead-acid batteries, in addition to being less efficient, are also heavier). The lithium ones, even if more expensive, are the most popular because of their lightness, they have aweightaverage of only 2.5 kg and there are 24, 36 and 48 V and, in most cases, the higher the voltage the more the reaching of 25 km / h will be kidnapped. The batteries can be placed on the frame, on the luggage rack or even incorporated into the frame and invisible to the eye. Examples areelectric bikeswith bult-in batteries in the tube.

DIY electric bike
The best strategies for having onevery light electric bicycleat an affordable price it provides the so-called “electrical retrofit”. Electrifying a traditional bicycle is not that difficult, there are special conversion kits for electric bikes on the market but in this case, rather than buying a pre-built kit, it will be more convenient to have lithium batteries and an electric motor by purchasing them while keeping the weight / performance ratio. Among the lighter components to convert a traditional bike into an electric bicycle we point out those proposed by Sunstar, an electric motor weighs an average of 3.2 kg. Here comes the inconvenience of the Sunstar kits: the Sunstar iBike S03 + kit has a price list between 1,150 and 1,650 euros depending on the configuration and the batteries chosen, which are of three types: to be fixed under the seat, in the down tube or above the rear luggage rack. The price is not bad considering that theelectric bikeson the market that present these components can cost up to 5,000 euros!

Thelighter electric bicyclesalready available on the Italian market
Fulgur electric bicycles
Weight from 14.5 kg
Prices from 2,000 to 5,900 euros
These eBikes are equipped with the aforementioned Sunstar iBike S03 electrical components. The line names of ebikeFulgur are inspired by the elements. The lighter models areAir and Earth. Aria is oneelectric bicyclesporty and essential, the 3D hydroformed aluminum frame features carbon forks at the end that help keep the weight down to just 14.5 kg for the female model and 15.8 kg for the men's variant. The equipment is of excellent quality which, among other things, adds disc brakes and Shimano's Deore XT (man) and Sora (woman) shifters to the reinforced 28 "rims with anti-puncture tires. The 11 Ah batteries are in the top tube and allow a range of 60 km. The Terra model weighs 16.4 kg, the accumulators are always 11 Ah but this time incorporated in the down tube. The autonomy is unchanged, the weight increases because it is a 27 "mountain bike with an engine installed higher than the crown in order to make theelectric bicycleperfect for those who ride in the mountains or love trailsoffroad.

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