Kia Soul electric, price and features

Kia Soul electric, price and features

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There Kia Soul Electric,on sale from September 2014, it promises great things, starting inprice: the official price list will be announced shortly before marketing but according to the policies of the Korean manufacturer, we can expect apriceaccessible. The new generation Kia Soul, in its engine range does not miss anything! From the classic diesel and petrol, to the more alternative electric traction, then moving on to LPG fueling.

Kia Soul Electric Price

Soul EV price:from about 24,800 euros. The price is indicative, unofficial and above all without incentives. What is certain is that the selling price includes an extended warranty of 7 years or 150,000 km, finally some certainty for those who are afraid of approaching the world of electric cars.

Kia Soul Electric Autonomy

Soul EV autonomy: 200 km. L'autonomydeclared by the Korean manufacturer it amounts to 200 km. Often the official figures differ from the actual ones, but given the characteristics of the batteries it is easy to predict that this figure may come close to reality with a 'autonomyactual approximate around 170 km. The futuresroad testswill be able to confirm or deny our forecasts.


Kia Soul Electric Performance
Soul EV engine with 81.4 kW and 285 Nm of torque.The electric motor is capable of delivering a top speed of 145 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 12 seconds. The engine draws its energy from a 27 kWh capacity lithium-ion battery pack placed in the floor so as not to interfere with the space available for the passenger compartment.

Kia Soul Electric Charging

Soul EV charging times: 25 minutes to 24 hours.Therechargingof theElectric Soulit can take place in a normal 120 or 240 volt socket, or, more quickly, at a fast charging station with direct current at 480 V. Using the 6.6 kW on-board charging cable, charging times vary from 24 hours for a 120 volt system and less than 5 hours for a 240 volt system. The 100 kW direct current fast charging system only takes 25 minutes to recharge the batteries to 80%. The electrical connector is well hidden on the front shown in detail in our photo gallery.


Kia Soul Elettrica Stylistic details
Let's talk about those details that distinguish one Soul EVfrom the classic thermal engine version. First of all we point out the exclusive 16 ″ alloy wheels, the specific colors, the LED rear lights and the eco electric badge at the base of the windscreen pillar. The differences between theSoul petrolordieselappear immediately on the front which is characterized by the shield with a specific mask that incorporates, as stated, the charging door. The differences continue on board where there is a two-tone scheme with light tones, an OLED electronic dashboard and a soft touch dashboard. The on-board instruments are specific to the versionelectric, including the classic AVN system (taken from the other models) which adds the typical functions of the electric version such as programmable climate, charging control and other devices.

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