Grow camellias, from seed or plant

Cultivating camellias: The summer months are ideal to startgrow camellias,however, beyond the classics camellias that bloom in the summer, there are also winter-flowering camellias.

Therecultivation of camelliasit can easily be started from seed.

Cultivating camellias: how to sprout camellia seeds
Between July and August, reap the rewards ofcamelliathat you will find at the foot of the plants. The fruits are hard and brown capsules shaped like small flattened apples.

Remove the seeds from the fruit and wash them under running water.

Take a container (a box, a tray…) and fill it with peat with the possible addition of river sand, river sand facilitates the process and must be added in the proportions: 1 part of river sand for every 3 parts of peat.

Place the collected seeds in the box with the peat, placed at a distance of about 10 cm from each other. Cover the seeds with peat for a layer of about 5 centimeters.

Store the container in a humid place and be patient until next spring! Remember to keep the soil moist until the months of March-April, when you will see small seedlings that will grow slowly, especially for the first time. These small plants will need to be planted. The most patient will see the bloomcamelliaafter 4-5 years.

How to sow a camellia, In summary
-between July and August, collect the fruits and extract the seeds
- at the same time, gently wash the seeds so as to wet them under running water
- bury the seeds at a depth of 5 cm in a container filled with sand and return in a ratio of 1: 3 (one part of sand for 3 parts of peat)
-Keep the substrate moist until the following spring
-between March and April continue with the planting of thecamellia
- the first flowering will occur after 4-5 years.

After seeing howto grow a camellia from seed, we will see what are the tips for thecultivation of camelliawhen buying a plant that is already ripe in the nursery.

When buying a potted camellia plant, avoid grounding in the hottest period of the year (June-September): the camellias may suffer some, since this period coincides with the vegetation phase of the plants. Plants grown in pots should be transplanted approximately every 3-4 years but if the nursery has delivered a plant to its first flowering, it is preferable to repot every year for the following two years and then reduce the frequency of repotting. Repotting should be done before the vegetative period, using a pot with a diameter greater than 10%.

In the articleHow to grow camelliasall instructions for growing camellias are available.

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