Laurel, property

Laurel, properties and information about the plant. From berries to leaves, use in the kitchen and cosmetic properties.

Laurel property: L'laurelis a very popular medicinal plant for its many therapeutic properties. Although it is a spontaneous species of the family ofLauraceae, many are interested in the cultivation of laurel precisely to exploit thepropertyof leaves and fruits (berries).

Laurel, Properties

Theproperty of laurelare due to its active ingredients:eucalyptol, eugenol, fellandrene, geraniol, linalool, mucilage, pectin, pinene, tannin, terpineol. The following are obtained from its active ingredientsbenefits.

Laurel, digestive properties

To take advantage of thepropertydigestivelaureljust put 5 leaves to infuse for 5 minutes in a cup of boiling water. The infusion is taken before and after meals.

Stimulating properties

To stimulate the appetite and counter states of weakness, an infusion of 3 leaves oflaurelput for 10 minutes in a glass of water (250 ml). You take two or three cups a day.

Soothing properties

It is effective for soothing pains of traumatic origin or related to the menstrual cycle. How to use it?

For joint pain, arthrosis, rheumatism, sprains, sprains and other pains of traumatic origin, thelaurelit is used for external use: it will be necessary to massage the affected area withbay leaf oilobtained by macerating 10 berries in 100 grams of extra virgin olive oil for 15 days.

To relieve menstrual pains, an infusion of 20 grams of leaves per liter of water is taken. 2 or 3 cups are consumed per day; it is a very good one natural remedy to soothe the pains of the menstrual cycle.

Sweat properties

L'laurelit's anatural remedyagainst flu and cold. A decoction is prepared for 10 minutes of 10 chopped leaves placed in a cup of water. Better to drink the decoction before going to bed.

Laurel, repellent properties

The smokearomaticemitted by the burnt leaves it repels flies and mosquitoes.

Laurel, calming and relaxing properties

To facilitate sleep: an infusion obtained by pouring a cup of boiling water on 2 chopped leaves with the addition of apinch of chamomile. Leave to infuse for 5 minutes and consume before bedtime.

To relax: for outdoor use, with theBay leavesyou can prepare a relaxing bath. Just add a decoction of 30 leaves soaked for 5 minutes in 2 liters of water to the water in the tub.

Laurel, cosmetic properties

Incosmeticsit exploits the soothing properties that make it suitable for even the most sensitive and delicate skin.

L'laurelcan be an excellent natural remedy to solve the problem ofchapped handsand dry skin in the presence of a sensitivity that makes the absorption of classic creams difficult.

How to exploit the cosmetic properties of laurel? With a decoction of 10 bay leaves soaked for 10 minutes in half a liter of water. This decoction is an effective remedy against cracking of hands and feet and to soothe dry skin. Leave your hands (or feet!) To soak for 5 minutes in the freshly prepared bay leaf decoction.

Toxic laurel

Is laurel toxic? L'laurelmainly widespread in the Mediterranean is the speciesLaurus nobilis L. e it is not poisonous. The only toxic species is theLaurelcherry laurel or laurel laurel, what is used for the cultivation of hedges. For every information:cherry laurel hedge.

Laurel hedge

Like laurel laurel or cherry laurel, also Laurus nobilis, or thelaurel plantit is sometimes used to grow hedges for decorative purposes. Therelaurel plantit is perfect for those who want to set up onehedgevery high and easy to manage. In fact, laurel has a good tolerance to pruning, even when drastic.

Laurel in the kitchen

L'laurelit is used as an aromatic plant in various recipes, often its leaves are also used to decorate the best dishes. The leaves can be chopped coarsely and added to a liquid suitable for flavoring meat before cooking. Before roasting or grilling white and red meats, place them in a container with a few tablespoons of vinegar, a few tablespoons of white wine, pepper and coarsely chopped bay leaves. Leave the meat to flavor for a few hours before roasting it.

Laurel can also flavor classic dishes such as pasta and pumpkin, pasta and beans, soups ... generally it should be added at the beginning of cooking, together with the other ingredients of the sauté.

A recipe for using laurel? Try oursbean soup and, among the aromatic herbs, only use laurel.

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