Energy certification of buildings

Energy certification of buildings:with theMinisterial Decree26/06/2009 implementing Law 192/05, theenergy class of a buildingnot only depends on the specific annual consumption but also on the percentage deviation of the specific annual consumption from various standards, in fact theenergy certification of buildingstakes into account the energy for heating, energy for summer air conditioning, energy for lighting ... The energy performance of a building is expressed through the global performance index (EPgl).

How to obtain the energy certification of a building?
We talk about "Energy performance certificate"And can be obtained by commissioning the evaluation to aaccredited energy certifierand recognized at local and regional level.

What is theenergy performance certificate?
Usually, whoever wants to get theenergy certificationof their building, they do so to sell or rent the property (theenergy performance certificateit is essential for notarial deeds of sale and for lease contracts). Or, it may be necessarycertifyyour own building to access the 55% deductions on personal income tax; in fact, in the event of renovation or improvement of the energy efficiency of your property, to access the tax deductions, you will need theenergy performance certificate.

How is theenergy certification of a building?
Forcertify the efficiency of a building, the accredited certifier, will have to initiate aEnergy Diagnosisalso called "energy audit“, It is a systematic procedure aimed at acquiring all the knowledge relating to the energy consumption of a real estate unit.

ThereEnergy diagnosisserves to identify the criticalities and inefficiencies so as to program a plan of interventions aimed at reducing theenergy consumption always in a perspective that takes into accountinvestment costs and benefits.

How much does it cost to do theenergy certification of a property?
The costs for writing aenergy certificationvary widely: you can get to more than 2,200 euros for a large building and start frompriceof 300 euros of fixed fee to obtain aenergy performance certificateof a single or two-family building. Anyone who lives in an apartment building and wants to get the energy certification of its single housing unit will have to be ready to "shell out" a cost indicative, including each service (inspection, measurements, drafting and issuing of the certificate) of about 650 euros.

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