How to cure the poinsettia

How to cure the poinsettia: one of the symbols ofChristmas, the ideal gift to celebrate Christmas, the Christmas Starit is widespread in the versionclassical(red), in the white and mottled variant.

ThereChristmas Star, more correctly namedEuphorbia pulcherrimaor again,Poinsettia, has spread following a long and important tradition. According to Aztec legend, theChristmas Starwas born from the drops of blood of the broken heart of a goddess in love.

ThereChristmas Starnot "Flourishes" strictly speaking, in fact, those colored red or white, are not petals, but leaves that surround the central inflorescences! The red pigment was extracted from the bracts (the red leaves) to dye fabrics and color cosmetics, while those who practiced the art of healing used the milky sap as an antipyretic.

ThereChristmas Staris a plant native toMexicoand Central America, first spread to North America and then arrived in Europe in the first half of the nineteenth century by the botanistJoel Poinsett.

In nature, theChristmas Star, reaches 4 meters in height but in our geographical region, it can only develop up to 35-40 cm. It has been renamedChristmas Starbecause precisely in this period, theEuphorbia pulcherrima it reaches its maximum splendor, when the days get shorter and the natural light is only a few hours…. in these circumstances the bracts take on their characteristic colorred.

Treat the poinsettia, tips for cultivate the poinsettia

  • ThereChristmas Starit must be kept away from the sun, placed in poorly lit places and at a distance from radiators.
  • It suffers from sudden changes in temperature and drafts, the leaves must never be wet and irrigation must never be abundant.
  • Fertilize theChristmas Starafter flowering and only once a month.
  • When does thewithering, prune the plant in a place where the temperature does not drop below 16 ° C and cut the stems about 10 cm from the base.
  • Towards the month of May the plant will start growing again and will have to be repotted. The vase must:
    - be about 8 cm larger than the previous one.
    -have balls of expanded clay at the bottom followed by a mix of peat, forest soil and clay.
  • In summer theChristmas Starit must be fertilized with liquid fertilizer every 15 days.
  • The excess branches can be cut and replanted, they could give life to new plants with propagation by cuttings.

To dothe poinsettia bloom again,or rather, to stimulate the emission of red bracts (or white, depending on the variety chosen), place the plant in the dark for at least 12 hours a day for several weeks or throughout the month of November and December.

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