How to remove rust from iron

How to remove rust from iron

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How to remove rust from iron:that ofiron rustis a theme "hot", In fact it is under the action of the hot sun that the iron overheats giving life to the cracks through which oxygen infiltrates and createsrust. Thererustit is none other than the normal oxidation process of ironand to eliminate it, it will be necessary to prevent oxidation from occurring.

Thererustit is an irreversible process and, if we do not intervene promptly, in addition to giving the iron an unkempt appearance can come to undermine its robustness.

Forremove the rust from the ironit is possible to use tools that cause mechanical removal. Based on the invoice of the object (smooth or worked, sheet metal or structure composed of several elements ...) and the level of oxidation, it is possible to make the most appropriate choice between brush, sandpaper, files and power tools such as a drill and grinder. In this regard, we refer you to the articleHow to get rid of rust where we analyze the possibility ofremove the rust from the ironwith:

  • sandpaper, a more tiring method but also easier to implement.
  • The brush, excellent for a more thorough cleaning, particularly suitable for the folds of wrought iron and irregular surfaces.
  • File, eliminate rust and smooth metal.
  • Drill and sanders, perfect tools forremove the rust from the ironon large surfaces and when greater aggressiveness is required, such as with railings and fences.

In addition to the mechanical methods listed above, it is possibleremove the rust from the ironthrough the use of chemicals. When using chemicals it is always importantto sand therefore it will be necessary to pass the sandpaper or the brush before applying any product. In the articleRemove rust from ironwe hypothesized the use of special "converters" that transform rust into an inert compound ready for painting or for the application of gels and glazes capable ofremove the rust from the ironand at the same time guaranteeing its protection for up to 8 years.

If forremove the rust from the ironwhen using elttroutensili it is necessary to wear, in addition to gloves and suitable clothing, also protective glasses to protect yourself from the projection of splinters. Once the oxidized layer has been removed with a brush, file, sandpaper or power tools, the application of a polyvalent protective product is recommended. In the past for protect the iron from rustit was essential to roll out several products in succession like the famous oneminium, the base and the finish in two coats. Today, "red lead" has been recognized as a toxic product and alternatively there are multipurpose products that can almost always be applied directly to the finish by brush or spray.

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