Portable solar panel, models

Portable solar panel, models

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Portable solar panel: we hear more and more often aboutportable photovoltaic, these are large or small devices capable of bringing electricity to areas that cannot be reached by the electricity grid.

For now, theportable photovoltaicis characterized by a classic panel, models that take advantage of the technology of CIGS panels (acronym from the Englishcooper indium gallium selenide,i.e. copper idium gallium diselenide) belonging to the category ofthin film photovoltaic.

Portable solar panel camping
For the life of a leader or for those who want to spend a lot of time away from the "electrified civilization ", different models ofportable photovoltaic compact in size and capable of guaranteeing a good electrical supply. In the article dedicated to portable photovoltaic we talked about aportable photovoltaic solar panel from the peak power of about 300W and the dimensions of about one meter by 160 centimeters. These performances correspond to those of a single solar module of the classic photovoltaic roof made up of several units. With a peak power of around 300W, this portable solar panelit can produce about 400 kWh in a year which, if in daily life corresponds to only 1/5 of the electricity consumption of an average family, in the life of the camper can make a difference! The price of aportable solar panelso described is, on average, 600 euros.

Always for the camper's life theiLand Solar portable photovoltaic panel, roll-up and easy to carry. The photovoltaic unit wraps itself into a tubular shape to be fixed to the camping backpack and weighs less than 12 kg.

Another possibility is the Goal Zero Yeti 150 portable electric generator, sold at a price of 300 euros, weighs just over 5 kg and is equipped with batteries and solar panels. It can provide lighting for more than two days, and the Goal Zero Yeti 150 is a perfect electric generator even when it comes to portable devices: it can easily charge notebooks and smartphones have a guaranteed charge of 15 complete cycles.

Portable solar panelfor charging small devices
iLand Fly is a solar powered charger. It costs about 100 euros, it can be folded into a pocket and includes aportable solar panel2.6W and a 2100mAh battery pack.

To charge small devices on the market there is no shortage of photovoltaic bags and backpacks or, mobile solar panelsready for use.

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