How to remove the silverfish

What we commonly callsilverfishthey are fast, wingless insects better named as Lepisma saccharinaIt is a very common insect in homes, it is characterized by a body with an elongated oval shape and a silvery color.

The namesilverfishit was given to him precisely because of the color, its elongated and oblique shape while the scientific name is dictated by its eating habits:Saccharin Lepismfeeds on carbohydrates such as simple sugars and starchesTheresaccharin lepismusbelongs to the order of the Tisanuri and like its cousins, at the rear end it shows a "tail" in the shape of a bow.

The average life of asilverfishit can even exceed eight years, and depending on the habitat conditions it becomes an adult within four months or three years: at temperatures between 21 and 23 ° C the silverfishbecomes an adult within a year.

At a temperature between 25 and 30 degrees, the female lays about a hundred eggs, preferably in sheltered environments such as cracks or crevices. Silverfish cannot reproduce in cold and dry environments.

From these notions the first indications foreliminate the silverfish:

  • Use a room dehumidifier
  • Avoid drying laundry indoors
  • Eliminate mold and infiltrations
  • Seal cracks and crevices of all kinds.

Your favorite foodsilverfishit is given by a substance rich in starch or polysaccharides in general such as the same dextrin used in adhesives as wellsaccharin lepismuswill feed on:

  • glue
  • sugary dairy products
  • book bindings
  • old photos or postcards
  • postage stamps
  • sugars of various kinds
  • hair
  • dandruff
  • dust

For remove the silverfishkeep the domestic environments in perfect hygienic conditions even if this will not be enough: isilverfishthey can go without food even for months and when they feel "on the ropes" they can eat cotton, linen, silk, dead insects, leather garments such as belts and shoes or synthetic fibers. For this reason, forremove the silverfishthe use of natural repellentsadding a few drops of essential oil of plant varieties such as bay leaf, peppermint, lemongrass, lavender and ginkgo biloba in the affected areas.

Silver fish, curiosity
The silvery metallic color of the body appears after the third moult and derives from silvery scales present only in adults.

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