How to save petrol by car

It certainly can save gasoline (but also diesel, LPG, methane and any other fuel) by intervening on your driving style. The fuel economy it is even greater if good vehicle maintenance is combined with intelligent driving, two things that added together can increase fuel tank range by 10-15%.

It is true that today the performance of cars is constantly improving also in terms of consumption, and that one can focus on decidedly economical electric or hybrid cars, but save gasoline it remains important for those who do not have an accordion wallet and also for the environment. Less fuel consumed in fact means less harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

How to save petrol with smart driving. Let's say that these 10 tips can suffice, and there are not a few. They save fuel, help reduce polluting emissions and also make traveling safer.

  • Accelerate gradually.
  • Avoid 'pulling' the gears, engage the upper gear as soon as possible.
  • No jerking - keep your speed as smooth and moderate as possible.
  • Brake gently: avoid hard braking and frequent gear changes.
  • Gradually decelerate by releasing the accelerator pedal with the gear engaged.
  • Stop the engine when possible, but only when the vehicle is completely stationary.
  • Tires: keep the inflation pressure within the recommended values.
  • Travel free: remove the ski rack and luggage rack immediately afterwards.
  • Use the cigarette lighter socket as a charger as little as possible.
  • Use the air conditioner as little as possible.

How to save petrol with good car maintenance. Vehicle maintenance is as important as good driving to save fuel. Equally important are the security implications.

  • Take care of the maintenance by carrying out all the checks provided by the manufacturer.
  • Change the oil at the right time, taking care to dispose of it correctly.
  • Check the inflation pressure when the tires are cold.
  • Remember that varying the size of the tires affects the original performance.
  • Use winter tires only in the cold season.

How to save gasoline with a good use of the car. Finally, here are some tips for using the car in a daring way.

  • Do not overload the vehicle.
  • Avoid traveling with the windows open.
  • Remember that the heated rear window, the headlamps, the wipers, the heating fan increase fuel consumption.
  • The air conditioner increases consumption by up to 25% in some cases. Prefer aerators and orient them well.

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