Room fragrances, with natural ingredients

Room fragrances, with natural ingredients

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If you are tired of the usual room fragrances, here is a do-it-yourself method to always have a fragrant home without damaging the environment! Preparing an air freshener is very simple and also has advantages: you will no longer have to deal with substances that are harmful to the environment and to you and you can create your own fragrance. Here are some DIY home fragrance recipes with natural ingredients.

Room fragrance bicarbonate-based spray
Pour 500ml of hot, but not boiling water into an empty spray bottle, then add two tablespoons of baking soda and shake well.
When the baking soda has completely dissolved, add a few drops of eucalyptus, lavender and citrus essential oil then shake again. Your room dehumidifier is ready to spray in your home.

Room fragrance based on lavender and citrus
Pour a handful of dried rose petals, cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices, previously crumbled lavender into a bowl and mix everything together. Add a few drops of citrus essential oil and mix everything. Take some cotton handkerchiefs and fill them with this pout pourri, close the four corners by joining them into one with tape and place them scattered around the house to perfume the rooms!

Small room fragrance
To perfume shoe racks, wardrobes, etc. you can use coffee grounds: just put them in a bowl and let them dry. Add a handful of cloves and place the bowl in the room to be scented.
Change the bowl when it loses effectiveness.

Perfumer for pantries
Sprinkle some vinegar on dry coffee grounds and form a thick porridge in a bowl. Place the preparation in the room to be scented and change when it loses its effectiveness.

In addition ……… always keep the baking soda at hand, it is an excellent odor eater: just pour it into a tray and place it in smelly environments.

Room diffusers with sticks

The guide to making a diffuser with essential oils and sticks can be found on the page“Room diffusers with sticks“.

Automatic room fragrances

In this context, we invite you to consult the pageHome deodorants with essential oils,perfect for onefragrant housein every moment of the day.

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