How to grow pineapple strawberry

How to grow pineapple strawberry

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How to grow pineapple strawberry: where to find the seeds ofwhite strawberry, Pineberry or Strawberry x ananassa. Plant care and cultivation.

Not everyone knows that in addition to the classics strawberries bright red also exist white strawberries: they are called pineberry or pineapple strawberries; their taste is very reminiscent of that of the woody tropical fruit (pineapple), they also have red seeds and are smaller than the red version. The only thing that unites them is the foliage which is practically the same.

Until recently, the only variety of white strawberry or strawberry pineapplecommercially available was the "White dream", today there is more choice even if the result is rather equivalent.

Strawberry pineapple or Fragaria x ananassa

Its botanical name isFragaria x ananassa, the first cultivation took place in 2010 in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is a hybrid plant, selected from the species ofstrawberry Fragaria chiloensisisFragaria virginiana.Therestrawberry pineappleit has smaller fruits than the common strawberry and which, when ripe, are almost completely white except for the red "seeds".

How to grow pineapple strawberry

It can also be grown in a small space, on the terrace or balcony, and bears fruit between May and June. The cultivation of the pineapple strawberry does not require particular cultivation practices, just remember some simple rules.

In this regard, let's see how to grow pineapple strawberry following our directions.

How to grow pineapple strawberry

The indications

  • Make sure that the soil on which to grow the pineapple-strawberries is rich in humus.
  • The soil must never be too dry during the summer season and not too wet in the winter.
  • Choose a bright place, in full sun or partial shade.
  • Plant the seeds in the fall, so that the seedlings grow cool: it is better, however, to protect them from the harsh winter temperatures.
  • Water sporadically until they are large.
  • If you want to buy specimens that have already grown, plant them in rows, at a distance of about 30-40 cm: before planting them, it is preferable to add fertilizer to the soil.
  • Immediately after, they must be watered abundantly, taking care to ensure constant water throughout the summer.
  • Place sheets at the base of the plants or mulch the soil with straw, to make sure that the substrate is always kept a little moist and that the strawberries do not rot.
  • Apply fertilizer with the arrival of summer, taking care not to use a product that is too rich in nitrogen: you risk that the fruits are too watery.
  • Ripening occurs when the strawberries turn from green to white.
  • At harvest time, take the fruit with a cut just above the sepals, removing the flowers as well. This will stimulate the production of new flowers and fruits.

Please note. The seeds are initially yellow / green and only when fully ripe they turn red.

How to grow pineapple strawberries from seed: where to find pineapple strawberry seeds

There white strawberry plantit is not easy to find but seeds can be found more easily.

Sowing can take place in any container, even in an old tub of ice cream. Use soft soil that you will need to keep moist and in a mild temperature environment. If you want to sow in the open field, wait for late spring.

Where to find pineapple strawberry seeds?
In the best-supplied agricultural consortia or by taking advantage of online sales. The proposals are different but for safe germination we recommend a product tested by our editorial team and purchased on Amazon in a complete kit at cultivation of the pineapple strawberry. Let's assume that we have no relationship with the seller, so you can choose the seeds that inspire you the most!

On this Amazon page you can find a box with 5 sachets of seeds, among these there is no shortage ofananassa strawberry seeds. The other seeds are: wild strawberries, Inca berries (or golden berries), goji berries and cantaloupe.

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