Build an underground irrigation system

How to build an underground irrigation system. Aunderground irrigation systemit is certainly the most suitable solution for irrigating a large garden while maintaining perfect order.Build an underground irrigation systemit means eliminating, once and for all, the visible pipes.

Aunderground irrigation system,if associated with a programmer control unit, it will allow you to automate irrigations. Beforebuild an underground irrigation systemyou will need to understand the water flow rate of your tap. To understand the reach of your tap you can apply a mathematical formula:

- fill a container of water with a known volume and measure the time taken.
Apply the formula to understand the flow rate per hour of your tap:
bucket capacity / filling time x 2500

If a 2 liter bottle takes 10 seconds to fill, you will have:
(2 liters / 10 seconds) x 2500 = 500 liters per hour

What is needed forbuild an underground irrigation system

  • Multi-way programmer control unit
  • Solenoid valves
  • Polyethylene pipe
  • Pop-up sprinklers
  • Clamping collars
  • Gravel
  • Protective net

How to build an underground irrigation system
1) Choose the implantation points
First of all, draw a plan of your garden and highlight the surface to be irrigated. Mark the presence of trees, bushes, hedges, vegetable gardens on the map… Identify on the map where to install the sprinklers.

2) Angle adjustment and test
Before proceeding with digging to dig the lines of the system, do an aerial test: check if your paper project is feasible and that by installing the sprinklers in the selected points, the water can reach the various areas of the garden. At this stage you will have the possibility to adjust the direction angle of the watering by acting on the appropriate adjustment ring of the pop-up sprinkler.

3) The holes for the pipes
With pegs, mark the spots on the ground where you will install the irrigation pup-ups. With a string, trace the path of the pipes and with a spade dig the space necessary to bury the pipe.

The hole must be V-shaped and have a depth of about 30 cm so as to allow any lawn to grow even where there are pipes. While removing the soil, try to keep the removed sods intact so that you can replace them when the job is done.

4) Installation
Make the hole for the sprinkler. Place a thin layer of gravel at the bottom of the hole and insert the sprinkler which must have its head at the same level as the lawn.

Video: How To Build And Install Underground Irrigation System (January 2022).