How to sanitize a mattress

To eliminate mites and bacteria that can lurk in your mattress, it is good to sanitize it periodically. It is not a difficult and demanding job just follow a few simple tips. In this regard, let's see how to sanitize a mattress using natural remedies.

How to sanitize a mattress, what we need

  • Cloth beater
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Anti-mite spray cloth
  • Vaporella
  • Plastic container
  • Sodium bicarbonate

How to sanitize a mattress, the procedure

  1. take the mattress, place it exposed to the open air preferably under the sun's rays: place it on a chair in an upright position
  2. With the beater, remove the dust contained in it by beating vigorously and continuously: perform this operation on the other side of the mattress as well
  3. Once this is done, take the manual vacuum cleaner and pass it over the entire surface of the mattress to eliminate also eliminate other residues hidden in the corners: do this on both sides
  4. Dwell with the suction in particular along the edges, where the seams create indentations, perfect nests for dust
  5. Take the steamer and pass it in the mattress in order to disinfect with the steam itself: The heat of the steam will eliminate germs and bacteria, which are highly harmful to health
  6. Take the container, fill it with water and pour some baking soda then mix well
  7. With a lint-free cloth, scrub the mattress vigorously
  8. When finished, let the mattress dry in the sun
  9. After you have made sure that the mattress is perfectly dry, take the anti-mite spray and spray it all over the mattress, leaving no corner.

How to sanitize a mattress, pee stains
Has your child been bedwetting? There is no need to buy a new mattress, it will be sufficient to wipe the stain with a first patch moistened with soap and water and then a second wet patch with water and hydrogen peroxide, in the proportion of 3 tablespoons of water and 1 of hydrogen peroxide.

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